7 comments on “Podcast Episode 43 – No Yarn Barf

  1. So glad you had fun at Yarnfest Casey! It’s great to have an event like that in my backyard – I just paid for my class (so worth taking a class!) and then spent all my money on yarn at the market!

    I hope you got to partake in a bit of the snow!

    • Lucky you! It’s so beautiful there. I just missed the snow, unfortunately. I didn’t even go outside the hotel while I was there – spent all my free time in the market. 🙂

  2. If you haven’t been to a XRX Stitches show I hope you will. I’m lucky because Stitches West, their largest show, is in my backyard (1o miles up the road). Tons of class, HUGE marketplace, keynote speaker and a fashion show. I have to say that this is where I buy most of my yarn for the year! So great to see vendors from all over the country. If you purchase a class, even a one hour market class, you have access to the Thursday night opening (only open to those taking classes during the weekend).

    I love your Podcast and look forward to it each week. Thanks for your tutorials, I am knitting today because of all the help I received from your videos.

  3. I’m a center pull only for cake, skein or ball (yes ball!) and I use a yarn cozie that I knitted out of some scrap yarn. It is a rectangular piece that wraps totally around my working yarn and holds it snug allowing me to center pull with out the collapsing effect. I altered the pattern from a ribbed tube that someone had on Pinterest (it is somewhere on Ravelry too).

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