4 comments on “Podcast Episode 44 – Let’s Just Talk About Knitting

  1. Just a comment about the joining in the round question. If using dpn’s you would have to knit the first stitch, place the marker, (so it wouldn’t fall off) then purl and continue with the rib pattern and just remember that the beginning of the round is the stitch before the marker.

  2. I was surprized that you didn’t advise the listener to watch your video for joining in the Round. You demonstrate methods that make the join seamless without knitting the first stitch.

  3. Great podcast again! Couple of comments. On colorfastness, especially with reds, blues, and any dark color, I throw in a “color catcher” when I wash, even when I wash by hand. Always the first time and usually every other time as well.

    As to why Ravelry might be a target for hacking… this is why you are always advised to use unique passwords; a hacker may hack to get passwords and email addresses, and then try these to access other accounts. Or to access your paypal account if you have it linked.

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