Podcast Episode 45 – Knitting and Math Concepts

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You can find Casey’s website at kcknits.com.

More links from the interview with Sarah Kuhn from UMass Lowell
Sarah’s blog
The original story about the STEM program
How to make a crocheted hyperbolic plane
Ted Talk on hyperbolic planes

The podcast episode with psychologist Art Markman can be found here.

The ball winder and swift I have from The Woolery:
Ball winder
Swift (the photo shows the “floor” model, I have the “table” model)

2 comments on “Podcast Episode 45 – Knitting and Math Concepts

  1. Stacey,

    When I heard you buy All-Clad I just taken aback! I live within about 10 miles of their factory here in Canonsburg, PA. Twice a year, they have a sale of their seconds and this is what I buy. It’s still expensive, but usually close to half off of what you pay in stores. I can let you know when they have their sale – usually the beginning of June and December – if you ever decide to travel out this way.

    Love everything you two do!


    Cindy Coe-Verschage, McMurray, PA

  2. Cindy – thank you! All-Clad sends me an email when they have their online seconds sale, so I still get to participate, even though I’m not in PA. I always end up finding at least one piece I need!

    S t a c i

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