2 comments on “Podcast Episode 46: “The Side That Shall Not Be Named”

  1. Hi, ladies! Back in junior high home ec, we learned about the right and wrong sides of fabric and garments being sewn. Some fabrics, such as prints and velour, have an obvious right and wrong side as they come off the bolt. I’m guessing right and wrong sides when knitting are a carryover from sewing.

    I have used cheap hair conditioner to soften up acrylic yarn in charity projects. I made a prayer shawl that was itchy and wouldn’t drape at all. After a good overdose of conditioner, it’s relatively soft and hangs off the shoulders. It is like fabric softener, except it has far less scent, and I can put my allergic hands in the water.

  2. Right side – public
    Wrong side – private

    Not my invention a number of designers/instructors refer to the different sides this way. OTOH, the standard for pattern writing is RS/WS, and I doubt that’s going to change significantly any time soon, since it is what pattern followers have learned to expect. It would be confusing if some patterns used a novel code.

    Also, using hair conditioner to soften yarn is a VERY common recommendation in knitting forums. People swear by it, but I have not tried it (not sure I would). Some people find any kind of wool itchy and unpleasant, and are searching for ways to make FOs wearable. Thought you might be interested to know 🙂

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