Podcast Episode 48: I Want to Knit Socks All Day Long

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Other things we talk about in this episode:

Two Guys on Your Head podcast – How to recover when you accomplish your goal
Staci’s Dirty Martini sweater
Casey’s many WIPs
Socks on 9” Circulars

Advanced Tinking
Tinking Increases and Decreases
Reinserting Needle into Live Stitches
Brioche Stitch

13 comments on “Podcast Episode 48: I Want to Knit Socks All Day Long

  1. Hi! About the polyfil question, I would suggest kind of “fluffing” it before stuffing. I’m not sure how else to describe it, but kind of taking a wad and pulling it apart till it’s nice and wispy. Then, take the fluffed stuffing and put it in a little bit at a time. That’s how I’ve succeeded at re-stuffing various things, at any rate.

  2. Great Podcast! Already subscribed to Rib magazine emails. Wonderful to see someone designing for men. Is this where you want us to leave a comment for the magazine give away? Got so distracted looking at Rib’s amazing designs, I forgot what you said! ??

  3. Claire suggested exactly what I was going to about stuffing. If The fiberfill is “fluffed” it works better. Also overstuffing can cause the fiberfill to clump.

  4. For the poly-fil, I also get mine from Jo-Ann’s. They sell a variety of kinds, and this is an area where I do think you get what you pay for. I’ve had really great success with Silky Soft: The Ultra Plush Fiber.

    I have some friends who buy a pillow from WalMart and pull the stuffing out of it. They get pretty good results as well. (They also claim it’s cheaper, but I’m not necessarily convinced that’s true.)

  5. I also like knitting socks more with 9″ circulars! Best thing ever!
    Martine from the Netherlands

  6. Additional advanced tinking video ideas:
    icord (knitted on, attached or bind off)
    herringbone stitch (this is soooo tricky)
    german short row/w&t changes

  7. I just want to pass along a tip for knitting thumbs and the fingers of gloves that I learned from a double knitting class by the wonderful designer Lucy Neatby. Yes, double knitting. You use the technique for single color double knitting to work the tiny tubes of the thumb and fingers on just two needles. I have only done it on the thumbs of mittens, and it works terrifically well. And very fast with no frustration. You do need to go down a needle size to maintain the gauge of the body of the mitten, but it is so much easier to manage (once you understand what you’re doing) than dpns or magic loop for such small tubes.

    You could investigate and do a tutorial 🙂

  8. I like to use Morning Glory Cluster Fluff for stuffing Mother Bears. It looks like you can find it so blind from a few places. You can read more about it in the Mother Bear Project on Revelry.

  9. Love you guys! Always fun and informative to listen to your podcasts. Love you recommendations and sponsors as well. This time though, I was super sad to get all the way to shipping address only to realize Winc cannot ship to my state. We just recently move to MS and now I can’t enjoy fabulous new wines selected for me each month. *sigh* keep up the great shows and videos Staci and Casey, love it!

  10. Oh, that’s too bad, Casey! I didn’t realize that Winc can’t ship to some states! But thank you for following through to support the show!
    S t a c i

  11. Hi Staci

    I love the wool used for the part finished sock on this page – so Burberry-ish. Could you please let me know what it is.
    I’m addicted to knitting socks, mainly due to no sewing involved. Thanks for all your podcasts and videos, they’re brill.

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