Stitch Markers, Ring Markers, and Marking a Stitch

In this video, I cover everything and anything you ever wanted to know about stitch markers.

The Knitter’s Pride Platina circular needle set I use in the video can be found here.

You can find more information about Knitter’s Pride needles from these retailers:
Bryson Distributing
Accessories Unlimited
Knitter’s Pride Shop finder

The shawl pattern I’m knitting is now available, you can see it here on Ravelry. You can see my project page, including info on the exact colors I used, here.

Here is an Etsy search result for ring stitch markers.

My nail polish is by Julep, color “Charissa”.

3 comments on “Stitch Markers, Ring Markers, and Marking a Stitch

  1. As always, a great video. The other thing I use the clippy markers for is if I notice I drop a stitch a few rows back, I put it on the dropped stitch so I can work it when I get to it Also, for those of us who are terrified of having live stitches off the needles, I use them to hold a few stitches so that I don’t lose any.

    Thanks again for all you do to help us knitters!

  2. Many thanks for this informative video from a knitter of only a few months. Very Pink is my go to for questions about knitting and so far I’ve found the answers I needed to continue working on my projects. 🙂

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