DIY Tutorial – Handmade Bow

Not exactly a knitting video, but how I present knitted gifts!

I mention the audio VeryPink Knits Podcast, which can be found here.

If you’re looking for this same ribbon, I ordered some from here.
That said, I ordered this ribbon in March, and it is now the end of May, and I still haven’t received my order. The company said my ribbons are on backorder.

My nail polish is by Julep, color “Charissa”.

3 comments on “DIY Tutorial – Handmade Bow

  1. Another great tutorial!

    I have a request for a tutorial as well as a knitting question for the podcast. The tutorial that I’d like to request is for seaming the first two or three rows of ribbing (especially ribbing on a piece that is done using the tubular cast on) when you’re knitting something in the round but have started by knitting it flat. I know that many people do this when there are a lot of stitches to ensure that the piece is not twisted when joining. My knitting question concerns interchangeable knitting needles. I’ve been shopping for my first set and am confused about needle length and “pointiness.” When do you use the different needle lengths, what is a good all-purpose length with which to start, and what degree of pointiness would be a good all-purpose degree of sharpness? I guess that’s 3 questions.

    Thank you for teaching me how to be a much better knitter!

  2. LOVED learning how to make bows! I never knew it was so easy.

    Now I want to buy my own ribbon supply. Can you please share your source for buying the ribbon? I can’t find acetate satin fused edge ribbon anywhere – it all seems to be polyester.



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