Closing Gaps in Raglan Underarms

Gaps in your work are normal any time you’re changing direction in your knitting – including the underarms of raglan sweaters. But it’s an easy fix!

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4 comments on “Closing Gaps in Raglan Underarms

  1. I was totally not closing the gaps in raglan underarms this way. Thanks so much for the vid!!!

  2. Thank you, thank you, to hear you say you get holes made me feel so much better. I have been for years
    feeling like a failure, so much so, have tinked socks again and again due to hole which seemed to scream you are a failure. I’m feeling so much better Staci, thank you again

  3. As always, great video! Such a simple solution, and so effective. Something else I’ve found that helps mitigate the underarm gap: As soon as the sleeves are divided, I put clippie markers at the points where the stitches usually stretch out to hold the fabric together and protect those corners from the effects of trying on, etc. As usual, simplest is best…..

  4. wow, Stacy you made my day.. The video is great. Your Baby Shower Countdown eboook is something i cant wait to read..Thanks again for coming with this post. I will be subscribing your blog for most posts like this.

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