Podcast Episode 50: The Fewest Flopping Around Bits as Possible

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From our lovely sponsors this week:
Rib Magazine is all about knitting for men, and those who knit for them. You can click through to their website to order the previous issue, and/or pre-order the next issue. Here is a sneak peek at a sweater from the next issue – it is called Cayley Pullover by Irina Anikeeva. You can also follow them on Facebook for more news.

Winc is an online wine club that gives you wine recommendations based on what you like to eat/drink. They have a simple 6 question palate quiz that asks you questions like “How do you take your coffee?” or “Do you like berries?” Winc then matches you to wine that you are guaranteed to love because it is tailored to your unique tastes.

My friend Steven’s Marius Sweater, and his blog post about knitting this sweater.
The Gale Sweater mentioned in a question. So cute.
Knitting for Peace book
The storage bins Casey uses with the additional top.
Notions Box I use for stitch markers, etc.

3 comments on “Podcast Episode 50: The Fewest Flopping Around Bits as Possible

  1. Hi! This is regarding the question about strained wrists. I knit beaded lace shawls ferociously. Yes, they do get heavy at the end. I always end up knitting on the table. I rest my lace and my wrists on the table while knitting. Just make sure that the chair is comfortable and the height of the table is just right. I need to do that with the beads anyway. Hope this helps. Love your podcast!

  2. Hi Staci and Casey. I learned to knit fair isle not too long ago and was hooked right away, so I was very excited to learn in your podcast about what happens when holding which color in which hand. Then today I happened to watch a knitting show on a local PBS station that I have my DVR set to record called Knitting Daily…(from 2014…..season 13, episode 6 – Fair Isle Style) and they talked about this also!…and showed a sample of what it looks like! What a coincidence that they would air this episode around the same time you talk about it in your podcast! Thank you for all you do.

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