Podcast Episode 55: I Learned to Knit 100 Years Ago

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If you want to submit a knitting question to the show, just email it to podcast@verypink.com, and be sure to tell us where you’re from!

Casey wrote a blog post about a question we got in this episode, Is Knitting an Art or a Craft? Casey also talks more about art vs. craft in her interview at the Craft and Folk Art Museum, that episode of the podcast can be found here.

Things we talk about in this episode:
Reinforcing Sock Heel and Toes
New sock pattern – Sling Heel Socks
Provisional Cast-On
Della Q, a great source for needle cases
Knitting Notions Case

6 comments on “Podcast Episode 55: I Learned to Knit 100 Years Ago

  1. I found that exact same notions case at Walmart where they have the travel size stuff. I got mine for a $.99
    I love it!

  2. I love your podcasts! I listen to them on your website and a few times now you’ve mentioned liking them on iTunes to help grow your listener base. How do I do that? I don’t use iTunes even though I have an iPhone and iPad. I want to help support you both!

    Casey, like you, I am a project knitter. I truly identify with the “rows upon rows of stockinette stitch” When looking for patterns to knit, That is the first thing I look for. I at least need a color or pattern change fairly frequently or my brain (and hands) go numb. It’s so nice to be able to relate to someone else in the knitting world!

    Thanks to both of you!

    • Thanks, Peggy! If you go to the purple app that came on your phone called “podcasts” and click on search, you can find us there. Then, click on “reviews” and “write a review”. You may decide to subscribe there and listen on the go. 🙂

      I always have my phone in my pocket with a podcast playing when I’m cleaning up or cooking.

  3. Was my comment inappropriate?
    If so, I apologize.
    I don’t see it posted-maybe I pushed the wrong button?

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