Podcast Episode 57: The Canadian Invasion

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In this episode, we spend the whole time diligently answering knitting questions. (Not true, we get way off track a couple of times.) Many thanks to all of our friends in Canada for submitting questions to the podcast! If you’d like to send in a question, just email us at podcast@verypink.com, and be sure to tell us where you’re from.

You can find Casey’s website at kcknits.com.

Things we talk about in this episode:
Three Options for Joining a New Ball of Yarn
Using Blocking Wires
The Finer Points of Garment Fitting and Blocking
Tesserino Cowl

4 comments on “Podcast Episode 57: The Canadian Invasion

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    Sorry, but is the hat or the hair: I don’t get to show both at the same time because of the curls flats uneven no matter if I wear cotton, wool or acrylic. It is just the weights and the form of the fabric are not curly-friendly.

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    • Oh – and even if you have just minimally wavy hair you can find tips to accentuate it! (Staci and Casey – maybe this is your hair too! )

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