Podcast Episode 61: Be Gentle with Your Knitting

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Things we talk about in this episode:

Mountain Meadow Wool Dryer balls
Casting-On Many Stitches
Spit Splicing

9 comments on “Podcast Episode 61: Be Gentle with Your Knitting

  1. I am so glad Casey is going forward with the 63 pattern afghan.
    I did the same thing years ago with a crochet pamphlet that had 63 different pattern squares.
    I used three different colors and was doing pretty well when I put it away in order to move from one apartment to another and didn’t pick it up again for about 9 years! But I did end up finishing it after I did pick it up again.
    My family still uses the afghan to cuddle up on the couch and loves it to this day!
    Now I am beginning a new adventure in knitting and have knit my first baby blanket (all one pattern).
    Keep going Casey.
    I’m rooting for you!

  2. Several years ago I ordered the drier balls from Mountain Meadow. Someone there messed up and I received 2 sets several days apart. I contacted the company to let them know and asked how I should return the extra set – which I did not pay for – and they told me to keep the extra set. Blew me away! I consider that great customer service. I too have pets, 2 ragdoll cats, a retired racing greyhound and a chocolate lab, so I keep mine high on a shelf in the laundry closet. Keep up the good work, ladies!

  3. Have you tried using any caron cake yarn or lion brand mandala yarn or bernat pop yarn?
    Do you have a preferred yarn to use?
    Just curious.

    • Lori – I can only answer for myself (not sure about Casey) – I haven’t used either of those yarns. As far as preferred yarns, I really do use the yarns I use in my videos! Beyond that, I always use the yarn recommended in patterns, I rarely substitute.
      S t a c i

  4. You are so right about the frustration of casting on only to find you don’t have enough yarn to finish! The Old Norwegian cast on is one I favour for its stretch and it generally needs a little more than one wrap per stitch to have enough yarn. I’d guess this is true for some of the other stretchy cast on methods as well.

    Totally unrelated, I recently needed to do a tubular bind off and the designer (K. TenDyke) linked to your video – worked like a charm 🙂

  5. I was thinking about the question: “I saw a pattern, liked it, and did my own version; am I breaking any copyright laws?” I think it would be great to expnd on the design process a bit so folks can appreciate exactly what goes into a good or great pattern, like test knitters, grading a pattern and tech editing. I got curious as I didn’t kniw what grading a pattern was. Does the desgner get an A+ or a B-? I now know that it has more to do with sizes, but not everyone will (& there may be more to it than that). Expand, Staci and Casey! Love the podcast, love your videos!

  6. Hey Ladies,

    I have used dryer balls FOREVER. I have a small tip for using them. I also leave them in the dryer when my drying is finished. But I also use essential oil on the wool balls. They do not leave a film but do leave a lovely scent.

    Keep up the good work.



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