Podcast Episode 64: The Amazing Growing Sweater

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Bartlett Yarns
The gorgeous PBS video about Bartlett yarns.
You can see more photos of the Bartlett Yarns mill on Casey’s blog.

Things we talk about in this episode:
Alternating Hand Dyed Yarns
Storing Knits for Summer
The podcast episode where we talk more about creepy crawlies that attack wool.
Winding Yarn into Two Equally-Sized Balls

CORRECTION: Casey said that Interweave magazine is monthly, but it’s not. It’s quarterly or 5 times a year.

4 comments on “Podcast Episode 64: The Amazing Growing Sweater

  1. I enjoy listening to your podcast. I like Casey’s “field trips” and Stacie’s answers to our knitting questions. Here is mine. I attempted to remove the mattress stitch (before your video that was just recently posted ?). However, I cut the yarn on the edge of the sweater. No what? Is there a way to repair this before the whole piece unravels?

  2. I really enjoyed the interview and TV video about Bartlett yarns and have ordered a hat kit from them. What tips do you have for working with this yarn and what other patterns can you suggest?

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