Podcast Episode 72: She’s Too Nice to Knit with Bad Yarn

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Image from New York Public Library Public Domain Collection

Casey’s website – kcknits.com

Our lovely sponsor this week:
KPC Yarn
KPC sponsored the free pattern and video tutorial, Doppelt Hat and Mitts!
KPC is running a promo to coincide with the release of this pattern. To receive HDK$50 (about US $6.40) off your purchase, register an account on the KPC website and use the code VPINK4KPC at checkout. This offer is good through December 31, 2017.

Other things we talk about in this episode:
Casey’s Wonder Woman Shawl

The clingy boxers Casey knit –

We promised an updated list of our favorite podcasts:
A Way with Words – the origins of words and phrases. So nerdy!
BBC World Service Documentaries
Dirty John – a true crime podcast story, sort of like Serial
Fresh Air
Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin – interviews with celebrities
How to be Amazing – interview show
KERA’s Think
Mortified – people read from their middle school and high school journals
More Perfect – New from Radiolab about the history of the Supreme Court
My Dad Wrote a Porno – not safe for kids, but hilarious
The Mystery Show – everyday mysteries
Sawbones – comedy show about ridiculous medical practices in history
Splendid Table – food
Stuff You Missed in History Class
TED Radio Hour – TED talks in depth
This American Life – good stories, around a theme

12 comments on “Podcast Episode 72: She’s Too Nice to Knit with Bad Yarn

    • Sorry never mind ladies 🙂 for some reason I couldn’t get it to go through when I tried. But this time it worked 🙂 technology, go figure!

  1. That was a really really nice episode. I love your podcast but this episode was especially nice. It wasn’t so much the subjects you talked about as the way you were talking and commenting about things. It felt that you were really relaxed and spontaneous or genuine, maybe is the right word, I don’t know. Anyway thank you for a very pleasant episode. Of course I thank you for the rest of the episodes too , also for all the effort you put on that.
    Anyway thank you guys and I hope you’ll keep doing these (podcast and videos) for a long long time.

    Lots of appreciation

  2. You two had me laughing out loud as I was listening! What a fun episode. Thanks for cheering me up!

  3. Nursing homes would welcome cheap acrylic afghans because they are usually washed in scalding hot water which would ruin nice yarns. So the lady who had tubs of cheap acrylic yarn could donate her Knitting for the residents.

    • Second that. See the last podcast for the Alice Blankets for some patterns.

      Also, sometimes nursing home they are looking for just the yarn for their residents, a few of whom still like to knit or crochet.

      And Staci and KC, you girls have just too much fun answering all these questions – you’re a hoot to listen to.

  4. OH EM GEE I really enjoyed this episode- my co-workers were side-eyeing me because I was laughing out loud.
    I wrote down some of the podcasts you recommended and of course, had to go to My Dad Wrote A Porno first- I am cracking UP!! Holy Mother of pearl ladies- it’s HILARIOUS so far! I have to get to work but you can be sure I will listen more after!
    Thanks for always inspiring, and enjoy the rest of your week!! ~Sharon

  5. Loved the podcast and the video on the Doppelt Hat. I tried using the coupon code this evening and it was rejected:
    “Coupon code “VPINK4KPC” is not valid.”
    Is there a different code that we can use?

  6. Yes!!!! I’m so happy to hear you both love My Dad Wrote a Porno too! It’s just soooo hysterical, I have cried from laughing at it multiple times! And I have to say, Staci you had mentioned years ago at some point that you listened to Sawbones… I started listening and it took me down a whole road of new podcasts I love, so thank you!

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