Guess who has an extended date with four handsome men?

It’s so nice to see them together again. This is so much fun! Gotta go!


Memo to Myself

1. Please remember to keep the bathroom doors closed.
2. If you can’t find something, check the backyard.


Makes the World Go ‘Round

Last night I was talking with my friend, and the conversation turned to dogs. That just happens to be one of my favorite topics.

He said that dogs don’t feel “love” the way humans do, and to assume that would be incorrect and a personification. He expected me to disagree with him – but I don’t, I agree. Love is a very complicated emotion, and dogs have tiny brains. Who knows how dogs really feel?

On the other hand, I do understand the pack mentality. I’ve read lots of books and lived in a pack for the last decade. And I can say with confidence that my dogs’ natural desire to…

0ee8245decdc.jpg Move with me…
img_7764.JPG Be still with me…
day-52.JPG Communicate…
12-18-07.JPG Show affection…
img_8296.JPG Impress…
img_8463.JPG Protect…
img_7934.JPG Chill…
img_8589.JPG and play with me…all of these things feel like love.
425261156_e073bbe6dc_o.jpg It probably isn’t really “love”, but it’s a close second, and I know they give me the best their tiny brains will allow.

Which makes me love them back.


Pink Hearts, Yellow Moons…

…orange stars, and green clovers.

This is the first ever not-so-fast, fast-topic-changing Friday. Instead of lots of topics, I offer you lots of pink.

You might think that it’s all pink, all the time here at Verypink Headquarters…but it really isn’t. Just on Valentine’s Day.

Let’s take a look at some of the pink things from yesterday…

img_8836.JPG Some handspun goodness of unknown origin, from a trade I made with Stacy.

I kinda want to take a bite of it.

img_8838.JPG I don’t often get excited about yarn (I’m more of a pattern junkie). But this!

Three Irish Girls sock yarn, which Stacy is considering carrying it at The Knitting Nest.

It’s really gorgeous.

img_8841.JPG A gift to help ease me into local team spirit.
img_8844.JPG My current project, and my sweet, sweet stitch markers.
img_8849.JPG Not to mention my new pink row counter!
img_8852.JPG Yummy Valentine’s cookies.
day-62.JPG And my favorite flowers – gerber daisies and pink roses.

Again, this photo is part of my self-portrait-a-day-for-one-year photo project.


img_8816.JPG And now a story.

Yesterday I found Abe outside with a cereal bowl. I know how he got the bowl – I had egg salad earlier and put the bowl down on the floor for the dogs to lick clean, so that I could forgo the dishwasher and put it straight back into the cupboard.

But how did Abe carry a thin, ceramic, lip-less bowl outside? How did he grip it?

img_8859.JPG Today I conducted an experiment to see if he pushed the bowl outside, or actually carried it.

I spread mayonnaise inside a bowl, and put it down for the dogs.

And waited.

img_8860.JPG Aha! He can grip it! The secret is out!
img_8865.JPG With a loud clank, he dropped it on the tile floor close to the back door.

Turns out he just wanted to get it away from Ike.

img_8869.JPG If things are out of place in my house, it isn’t necessarily my fault.

Have a great weekend!

Shoveling Snow

Fast-topic-changing Friday! Double the topics for the same low, low price!

img_8712.JPG Snow.

Not really, but probably the closest we’ll get in Austin.

This is popcorn material that used to be on the ceiling.

It took a lot of scraping to get it down.

img_8714.JPG What a messy, messy job! There was popcorn and dust everywhere (including inside every single piece of clothing I was wearing. How did that happen??)

After clean-up, it really didn’t look like very much. Huh.

day-55.JPG I’m smiling here, but yeah…I’m a little sore today. The good kind of sore that reminds you that your house looks a little less 1980s.

This photo is part of my self-portrait photo project.


img_8703.JPG New free pattern! I designed this Toddler Tunic for a class I’m teaching.

Aleah and her mama were kind enough to model for me.

Christina has a future fashion maven on her hands here…not only does Aleah like to model, but she also never fails to notice and comment on the shoes I’m wearing.

I hope she remembers me when she’s the editor of Vogue magazine.


img_8707.JPG Got bark?

Ike is actually eating tree bark in this photo, rendering him barkless no more.



img_8598.JPG Aww. These guys are pals and all, but it’s rare that I see them snuggled up like this.

Warms my heart to see them bonding.


img_8000.JPG Yeah, that’s a down comforter. And that’s goose down. And that’s Abe.

Is it really more comfortable with the down outside of the comforter?

More “snow” to shovel.

Have a great weekend!

De-Stashing the Stashless

Today’s Early Bird Special – a fast-topic-changing Friday.

I’ve said this before – I’m a stashless knitter. I am not a yarn collector. I buy yarn, I knit it up, and then I buy more for the next project.

Here is my best definition of a knitter’s “stash”: Yarn that is purchased by the knitter, with or without a specific project in mind, that is stored away and not knit. (I honestly don’t get it.)

The exceptions: yarn that is leftover from a project is not stash. Yarn that is gifted to the knitter is also not stash.

Some of you non-knitters might be wondering, what’s the big deal? The big deal is that most knitters have at least some stash. Some knitters even have a stash so large, that if they knit ever day for the rest of their lives, they will never get through it all. Other knitters measure their stash yardage in miles. Still others find themselves redecorating their homes to accommodate the bins and bins of stored yarns.

Back to my stashless stash. I have leftover yarn…not stash, mind you, but lots of it. About 5 jumbo Ziploc bags – all left over from about 200 projects. Time to put it to use.

img_8548.JPG So, I started this. This is the Traveler’s Life Afghan, as described in The Yarn Harlot’s Casts Off.

The recipe is: find a lot of yarn in about the same weight (mine’s worsted), cast on enough stitches to match your wingspan (mine’s 360), knit every row, and change yarns every row. Leave a tail for fringe. (There are more details in the book than I’m describing here.)

img_8568.JPG I’m loving this project! I can look at every single row and remember the project for which the yarn was initially used!

Memmmmmorieeeeees, like the corners of my mind….

My rules for my afghan are: no black yarn (except the first and last rows), and only natural animal fibers.

img_8544.JPG So far my afghan is wool, silk, angora, alpaca, cashmere, and mohair. I adore the way the colors are (mis) matching, row-by-row.

This will be an ongoing project that I pick up whenever I just need some simple, mindless knitting. You know – the kind of knitting that keeps one sane.


img_8492.JPG Remember the Chartreuse Monster?

Well, it isn’t a Basenji sleeping bag…

img_8494.JPG But it was big enough until I felted it…
img_8562.JPG And now it’s my new environmentally-conscious, insulated grocery bag!

This is the Green Earth Grocery Bag from Noni.

As you can see, I purchased a hearty dinner of champagne and leeks on my last trip to the supermarket.


img_8589.JPG Abe survived his dental surgery like a trooper. He was a little sore and groggy that night, but he’s eating and playing again.

Here he is, fast as lightening, carrying his toy squirrel around. Thank you to everyone who sent good wishes his way.

Have a great weekend!

Ahhhh. That’s Why.

Over the last few posts, I’ve mentioned that Abe has been acting strangely. Sometimes bad (eating my cell phone), sometimes funny (dragging stuff around), sometimes just plain weird.

Since dogs don’t talk, I’ve had to try to figure out what was going on. Along with some suggestions from verypink readers, I guessed:

1. He’s more confident now, and pushing boundaries.
2. He’s suffering a little separation anxiety, since I’ve been working longer days at The Knitting Nest.
3. He’s still dealing with the recent move and massive life changes.

Maybe, but maybe not. I learned a bit more the other day…

img_8459.JPG First up, it recently became abundantly clear that Abe had a parasite.

A seriously revolting parasite. I will not discuss the details. The vet gave him one magical pill, and he is parasite-free.

Let’s just say that it couldn’t have been comfortable for him.

img_8457.JPG While we were at the vet’s office, I also learned that Abe has a broken tooth and a gum infection! Poor baby! I swear, he hasn’t shown any signs of mouth discomfort at all.

But it’s gotta hurt, which would help to explain his behavior lately.

img_8451.JPG Here he is showing you the tooth he has to have removed. Kinda.

Mostly he is yawning.

img_8444.JPG On to better news, I am releasing a new pattern – the Felted Easter Basket.
prefelt.JPG Before felting.

This pattern uses Cascade 220 Wool. I wrote it for an upcoming class I’m teaching at The Knitting Nest.

The pattern language is really clear, and suitable for beginning knitters.

You can imagine where the proceeds from the sales are going…straight to the vet! I’m only half joking here.

felted2.JPG Felted Easter Basket pattern.

img_8463.JPG Ike is parasite free, with no broken teeth. When he is bad, it’s only because he chooses to be that way.

Milestone Birthday

Fast-topic-changing Friday ahead…

Yes, a milestone birthday – but not me. (Not yet. Three more months.)

img_8400.JPG Today, Ike is 10!

Happy Birthday, my sweet Munky.

He and I have a lot of history together, and I’m so happy we found each other.

He is as active and spry as a 4-year-old.


img_1377.jpg Carrie test-knit the 18 month size of the Fiona Baby Sundress.

Lookit how cute it is on her daughter, Becca!

img_1431.jpg Equally adorable as a top on a 3-year-old.

Thank you, Carrie! For knitting it up, as well as sending the precious pics. And for giving birth to the fashion models.

I’ll add this size to the free pattern very soon.


img_8390.JPG Bad dog.


untitled.JPG For those of you who are anxiously awaiting the new season of Lost, you just gotta watch this video.

It catches you up with the first three seasons in 8 minutes, and it’s really well done.

Have a great weekend!

Leave the Bottle

Welcome to fast-topic-changing-Friday Island.

While I was drunk with power and in charge of The Knitting Nest (and having crazy sales that involved extra discounts on pink yarn), Stacy was at TNNA in California buying new stuff for the store, driving around in a convertible, and getting a tan.

It was a win-win.

Stacy also brought me some presents. Here are a couple of new things that I found especially exciting…

img_8340.JPG Like this.

This is a new idea in sock yarn, called Flat Feet.

The yarn was dyed while it was knit up into this piece of fabric, which makes for unique color patterns when it’s knit into socks. You’re supposed to unravel this as you knit, so there’s no need to wind it into a ball.

Pretty cool idea. These will be available (in all different colors) at The Knitting Nest sometime soon.

img_8341.JPG Stacy also brought me back this vibrant hank of Trekking hand-dyed sock yarn. The colors are seriously “WOW”.

I can’t wait to see what other colors she ordered.

Stacy gave these to me before she even knew about the tragic heel blowout. Very nice, but OMG! I have stash all of a sudden!


100_1680.JPG Knits in the wild!

It’s still a little big, but here’s Molly Renee modeling the EastEnders Baby Sweater that I knit for her.

We find this child to be pretty adorable.


img_8301.JPG Oh yeah, ha ha.

It was cute when Abe schlepped my bathroom rug outside. It was less cute when he tore up an important paper shortly after that.

It was even less cute when I found The Chartreuse Monster (my current knitting project) on my bedroom floor…

img_8344.JPG …And even LESS cute when he ate my cell phone the other day.

Not sure what’s going on here, but if I start drinking whiskey in the mornings, you’ll know why.

Please be sure to notice camouflaged Ike in this photo. He appears to be smiling.

Have a great weekend!


Rest in peace, finished object. Bye for now.

Here’s the story…

socks.JPG My FAVORITE socks.

Finished back in April of 2007.

Toe-up pattern, Socks That Rock yarn. Approximately 26,680 stitches.

So vibrant, so young, and such a bright future ahead of them.

img_8303.JPG The other night I was enjoying some downtime with my homey-dogs, wearing my favorite socks and these slip-on Keens (because there is no end to the “sexy” in this house).

La, la, la. Knitting, watching tv. Time for bed.

I kicked off my shoes, and suddenly the floor felt really cold.

img_8312.JPG Noooooooooooooooo!

No warning! Just a complete heel blow-out without notice!

img_8314.JPG And the other one, too!
img_8316.JPG Rest in peace, favorite socks. You were loved to death.

From now on, I’ll knit with a second strand of heel reinforcement yarn in all of my socks. Lesson learned.

img_8296.JPG Stop. Doggie time.

Abe is proud to show me that he brought my bathroom rug outside.

I don’t understand his reasoning, but I was grateful, nonetheless.

Good boy!