Just Like Everyone Else

Blogging from work! Yay!

Today was supposed to be a different fast-topic-changing Friday than it is, because I had a problem. I’m here at The Knitting Nest with my laptop, but my external hard drive is at home…safely keeping some of the photos I wanted to use today. Change of plans!

2183658571_947e3c9332_o.jpg This photo is from yesterday, titled “Drunk with Power”. It documents my first day in charge of the store, and is part of my 365days self-portrait photo project.

Today is my 29th day in the project.


img_8246.JPG A customer asked me if I use these needles and this yarn to demonstrate in my classes.

Ha…no. I can barely lift them.


img_8260_1.JPG The store shares a parking lot with a liquor store. When customers pull up, I try to figure out if they are knitters or drinkers before they walk up to the building.

Usually, I’m correct. Sometimes, not.


img_8249.JPG The Chartreuse Monster continues to grow. It has one demand: FEED ME MORE GREEN YARN.

Nom, nom, nom.


cropped.JPG Slacker.


img_8241.JPG I had a really sweet photo of both of my boys that I wanted to use today…but here is a pretty cute photo of Abe, anyway.

It was his shift on Squirrel Patrol.

Have a great weekend!

Perfectly Acceptable

(There’s a note to local Austin/San Antonio folks at the bottom of this post.)

When you live with another person, there are things you do (and don’t do) to help keep your home a happy one.

Now that I’m on my own, I’m learning how I am without another person around.

img_8189.JPG Swift and ballwinder = permanent dining room decor.

It just makes sense to keep them out.

img_8191.JPG After a night out, jewelry stays where it lands.

I always know exactly where to find it.

img_8184.JPG Nothing wrong here. This is why I have two bathrooms.
img_8194.JPG Whatever strikes my fancy for dinner is a-okay.

Honestly, I have about a million more examples. Like painting my nails on the nice furniture, yarn in the kitchen, and People’s Court marathons. But I still say “excuse me” if I burp. To the dogs, of course.

0ee8245decdc.jpg One dog,
Two dog,
Red dog,
Blue dog?

One last thing…While Stacy is out in California at TNNA, I’ll be running The Knitting Nest. Like, I’ll be IN CHARGE from Thursday through Sunday. IN CHARGE. Two things will happen: first, I’m going to run some kind of sale. Not sure what I’ll do yet, but I want it to be fun. Second, there will be a captive Master Knitter at your disposal (all day, every day) to help with your knitting questions. So, a sale and free help. Just don’t tell the other Stacy.

That Knitting Thing

Remember how I used to talk about knitting all the time? I realize that since the move and the holidays, I haven’t really kept up on that whole knitting thing very well. Today I’ll fix that.

First up, I want to mention something I’m really excited about. I’m offering several knitting classes this month at The Knitting Nest. Not only are the classes filling up, but they’re overflowing with students. On nights when I don’t have classes, I’m usually taking students for private lessons. I’m LOVING it. I’m busy and making money and doing what I love to do.

I’ve mentioned before that Stacy is the owner of The Knitting Nest. We refer to each other as “the other Stacy”. Yesterday a friend came into the store when we were both there and said, “Hello, Stacys!” Plural. Hee.

img_8171.JPG This could have been the most boring photo ever, but I cutened it up for ya.

This is the pattern that I’m using for my upcoming sock class. It’s worsted weight, so it will be a quick knit. I made the pattern by combining the best features of a couple of free patterns available online, so that it incorporates everything a knitter will need to know to get started on socks.

Ike likes it.

img_7995.JPG This is the Leaf Lace Scarf by Twisted Knitter, which I’m using for my upcoming lace class.

It’s so pretty, and Janet is very generous to offer this as a free pattern. (Thank you, Janet!)

img_8174.JPG Next up – The Chartreuse Monster, my current WIP.

I’m keeping it a secret until it’s finished.

img_8167.JPG Doggie goodness time…

We just celebrated Abe’s 4th birthday last week. Now he’s all growed-up.

In this photo, I believe he’s caught the scent of a BBQ joint in San Antonio or something.

Working Title

I love fast-topic-changing Fridays. Just by typing “Next…!” I am forgiven for randomly jumping around like a bunny rabbit with ADD.

Let’s get started…

Take a look at this wall of cards! You people are so freaking nice!

Besides the sheer volume (108 at last count), there were a few things that pleasantly surprised me:

img_8106.JPG 1. Nearly every card included holiday wishes to Ike and Abe as well. Aww.

2. The messages inside were SO sweet! I got choked up every day opening my mail. Choked up in a good way.

3. The little prezzies! I got chocolates, jewelry, little bath products, ornaments, family photos…wow.

I’m so glad that I asked for cards. They really helped me to have a great Christmas. Every card was like a big hug.


img_8109.JPG Free pattern!

I just finished designing this baby sundress, called Fiona, for The Knitting Nest. Stacy (the other Staci) wants to have a knit-along in the spring, and then ask everyone bring the dresses in to the store for an awesome display.

It’s made from worsted weight cotton, and has a unique pleated skirt that gives it a ballgown feel.

This pattern, along with my other designs, can be found here.


img_8100.JPG DANG.

I put up these shelves, stocked them with books, then realized that I didn’t have enough space.

I didn’t mind going back to the store to buy another shelf, but I did mind having to remove and replace EVERY SINGLE BOOK.

img_8103.JPG Much better.

Now I’ll be okay if I accidentally buy more books.

Yes, a large number of them are knitting books.


img_8123.JPG Q. Isn’t it a lot of work having two dogs?

A. No.

Have a great weekend!

Wait, Santa – Come Back!

Is it too late to get Christmas presents? Or to buy one for myself?

I had the pleasure of spending time with friends on New Year’s Eve, including my married pals Kristin and Josh. To make a long story short, Josh has an awesome camera.

Josh knows a lot more about photography than I do, so his photos are all really nice…but…but…but…I WANT THAT CAMERA. Santa! I wasn’t done with Christmas yet!

Today’s photos are courtesy of Josh.



A new camera would be reallllllly nice for my year-long photo project. Maybe Santa takes late orders.


Out with the old, in with the new. Time to look ahead to 2008.

I’ve never been one to make New Year’s resolutions, but I have some personal goals this time. Easy ones:

1. Do what makes me happy.
2. Be nice to myself, and less critical.
3. Surround myself with people who make it easy to stick to above goals.

When it comes to the new year, the descriptive word that pops into my head is “magnificent”. One of the dictionary definitions of this word is “exceptionally fine”. Yeah, baby. I can live with that.

img_8004.JPG So here’s to a magnificent new year from me…
img_8018.JPG …and the Bs.

See ya in 2008.

Friends Again

It’s a fast-topic-changing Friday, but first, a story with a happy ending.

You may have gleaned the fact that I have been fighting with Anne Boleyn (my headless knitwear stunt-double). I was offended by how she was keeping her bedroom in the new house, and when it came to fitting hand knits, she was failing me miserably.

But I realized the source of our problems. While I’ve been on The Divorce Diet, Anne has not. I have neglected her. Anne and I have since spent a little quality time with the tape measure, and we cleared things up. (She is adjustable.)

I should really stop calling it “The Divorce Diet”, and start calling it something more positive like “The Single Gal with an Active Social Life Diet”.

img_7953.JPG I would like to take this time to publicly apologize to Anne Boleyn.

From now on, I will try to be a better roommate.

Proof that we are friends again.

img_7968.JPG Here she is modeling my latest knit for myself…Basic Black from MagKnits.

Pretty color! Great fit!

Ummm…not really…

img_7970.JPG This is the truth. It’s huge. In fact, everything I’ve knit for myself over the last several months fits like this. I’ve been using fancy photo-styling techniques to keep that fact a secret.

I’ve been knitting everything to fit Anne, and she and I were different sizes.

Now that Anne and I are friends once again, this is the LAST ill-fitting sweater that I will knit. I declare it!

Ravelry details


img_7944.JPG Just because I haven’t been talking much about knitting on verypink doesn’t mean I haven’t been knitting.

Here is a baby dress I designed for The Knitting Nest, made with Babyboo bamboo/nylon yarn.

I’m really happy with it! The free pattern will available soon here on verypink and at The Knitting Nest.


img_7949.JPG And another…

This is Vestee from knitty.com, knit with Fantasy by Dark Horse Yarns.

I am NOT normally one who knits with synthetic fibers…but this is the NICEST acrylic yarn I’ve ever encountered.

Ravelry details


img_7810.JPG Before…
img_7976.JPG …and after. A rug made a huge difference in my front room.

Little by little, I’m getting this place the way I want it.


img_7934.JPG Yeah, I know. I can hardly stand to live with all of this adorableness. It’s exhausting.

Have a great weekend!

Trying to Wish You a Merry Christmas

Camera? Check.

Tripod? Check.

Ten-second timer operating correctly? Check.

Treats for bribing? Check.

Dogs ready? Oy.

one.JPG “Oh, you’re a good boy. I wish your brother was in this photo…”
two.JPG “Okay, dang. Can you just…




three.JPG “Up here! Up here next to me! C’mon…”
four.JPG “Well, umm…


five2.JPG This is the best we could do.

Merry Christmas from Staci, Ike, and Abe!

Sleigh Bells in the Snow

Wow! Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, and all.

Here in Austin one hears fewer “sleigh bells in the snow” and more “flip-flops on the sidewalk”.

It’s a fast-topic-changing-Friday, I hope you know the drill…

img_7798.JPG My shameless begging for Christmas cards has turned out to be such a great experience! Cards have come from all over the world! The Christmas wishes written inside are so very sweet and heartfelt.

Besides the written notes, I’m enjoying the smiling family photos, the recipes, the trinkets…each card is like a giant Christmas present.

I am so grateful.


img_7805.JPG Speaking of cool things in the mail…

Tammy sent me The World’s Sexiest Earrings. Ha-cha! Tammy happens to be my online pal and personal fashion adviser in addition to being an amazing metalsmith.

I have found that wearing these earrings guarantees a good time. Magic? Maybe.


img_7784.JPG Umm…spoiled much?

Actually resting their bodies in the soft grass is just too “country” for these dogs. A bug might touch them or something, I guess.


img_7802.JPG On the needles…a baby sweater, specifically Vestee from knitty.com. I didn’t want to make it until I saw one knit-up in person.

Another pink knit for my little niece. (She will never be mistaken for a boy again!)


img_7764.JPG Bad dog. I get up from my tv/knitting spot for ONE STINKIN’ MINUTE and Ike moves in.

I know for a fact that he doesn’t need the light. He might just find a lump of coal in his stocking.

Have a great weekend!

Campaign Promises Delivered

Back in September, I started my No More Short Socks Campaign. I say “campaign”, which makes it sound like a really big deal, like my socks were running for office or something, but it was really just my little thing.

I have the results of the first socks that adhere to the new rules: toe-up design (no yarn wasted), and massive yardage (Fearless Fibers gives you 550 yards of sock yarn).

The design is my own, called Bubbles Down the Drain. I’ll write up the pattern and make available soon.

img_7707.JPG These socks feel so good! Snuggly wooly goodness all the way up to my knees.

Because I designed these socks to be a custom fit for anyone’s legs, they stay up!

Here’s proof:

img_7713.JPG They stay up while waiting in line at the bank…
img_7714.JPG While reaching for a book off the top shelf…
img_7712.JPG Even surfing!
img_7716.JPG Here’s the “during the photo shoot” story.

These socks are so long that I had to remove my jeans for the photo shoot. Abe brought my jeans into the dining room, and then tried to remove a tissue from my pocket by ripping a hole from the inside.

He still acts like such a puppy.

img_7719.JPG Ike, of course, is too dignified to participate in any silly tissue-retrieving mission.

This has become Ike’s “spot”. I will forever have dog beds on my bed to keep him happy.

12-14-07.JPG One last note…I’ve decided to take part in a photo project on Flickr called 365days. The rules are that you have to post a self-portrait every day for one year – self-timers and tripods are fine, but no one else can click the shutter. I expect this to be an adventure in creativity and self-discovery.

You can see what I have so far in my Flickr 365days set.