Anne Boleyn is a Filthy Slob

I could have made this fast-topic-changing-Friday post really long. Venturing into Chapter One of my new life means that there are so many crazy, funny, and strange things to talk about.

I’m laughing about a thousand times a day. Seriously.

Before we get started, please remember my shamless plea for Christmas cards at the bottom of Monday’s post. I’m so grateful and excited to get cards!

img_7642.JPG In the past, when things got weird, I used to stop eating. It was a very bad habit, but I didn’t know how to change.

I am proud to say that I have been purchasing, preparing, and consuming my own food. Every time I sit down to a meal, it’s a little triumph. Lookit me! I’m doing it! My arm hurts from patting myself on the back.


img_7650.JPG Anne Boleyn needs to get off her non-existent ass and clean up her room.

I’ve had it with her and her filthy ways.


img_7645.JPG Unusual Thing About My New House #1:

The broiler is under the oven, in the drawer. What?!?

I have only seen this drawer used for storage in the past. It isn’t very convenient, and I have a burn on my arm to prove it.


img_7638.JPG I am SO GLAD I bought a vacuum cleaner on the same day that I brought home new dog toys.

Ike and Abe had a blast tearing these up.


img_7653.JPG Guess who learned to “sit” this week! Abraham!

It was impossible to teach him in a house with four dogs, because it was just too chaotic at cookie time. With the chaos removed, he learned to sit in one day. He is such a good boy.

Yes, that is a handknit wool blanket. Nothing but the best for my boys.

Have a great weekend!

Chapter One

And so it starts!

Here are the facts:
1. I live in Austin now
2. I have two dogs with me, Ike and Abe
3. I love it here.

In normal verypink style, let’s tell more with photos. (I have a special request of you, dear reader, at the very bottom of the post.)

img_7604.JPG The dogs are having a great time. It is so fun to watch them tear around in the big backyard.

There is the added bonus of squirrels in the trees! (I seriously pity the squirrel that decides to come down from the tree to face these two.)

img_7620.JPG Same furniture (minus a desperately-needed rug), new front room.

I still have a lot of work to do on the house, but the basics are all here now.

It’s a dark, cloudy day. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t make the room look as bright and cheerful as it usually looks.

img_7607.JPG I threw the dog beds on my bed while I had boxes everywhere, but Ike has decided that this is where they belong.

I suppose I have to let the dogs have their say, too.

img_7635.JPG And now, a request…

I love getting Christmas cards. LOVE IT. I’ve been a little bit worried about myself during this time of transition and Christmas on my own, but I know that receiving cards in the mail will make it feel like Christmas for me. Here’s my shameless request: Please send me a Christmas card.

Staci P.
c/o The Knitting Nest
160 West Slaughter Lane, Suite 200
Austin, Texas 78748

Otherwise Occupied

This isn’t an apology for not posting much over the last few weeks, but more of an explanation as to why…

img_7595.JPG I have an empty house to fill.

In Austin!

Closing was yesterday, and move-in date is very soon.

See why I’ve been busy?

img_7578.JPG Aaaaand, some doggie goodness.

I’m going to fall off the face of the earth for a little while, but I’ll be back soon. And when I get back, I’ll start an exciting new chapter.


The Launch of Carb Season

Time for Christmas music also means Time For Carbs!

I usually stick to the rule of “No White Foods”, except for the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Then all bets are off. It’s the most luxurious gift I could possibly give myself.

“No White Foods” means that I don’t normally eat bread, rice, or potatoes. Don’t try to read too much into it. I do eat eggs. I do eat chicken. I do take cream in my coffee. Some people find it a challenge to think of every white food on the planet, then quiz me about it. Makes me laugh.

It’s a fast-topic-changing-Friday, so hang on…

img_7534.JPG Have you seen these fancy automatic shower cleaners? It’s a great idea. Just push a button and it sprays the whole shower down with cleaner, so you never have to scrub.

The latest refill I bought came with an extra bit of information…

img_7538.JPG Oh, no. Does that mean that someone actually – and then wrote to the company to complain that their skin burned off or something –


I suppose we can’t credit all of America with being supersmart.


muffin.JPG I spent Thanksgiving with some new and old friends. Here is one of my new friends, Muffin.

She is a bottle-fed kitten, cared for by one of my Thanksgiving hosts, Elissa, who works in an animal clinic. Please drop me a note if you’re in Houston and interested in adoption.

Funny, last year’s Thanksgiving post was also about animal rescue.


img_7523.JPG I enjoyed a fantastic Thanksgiving meal, with all of the trimmings, cooked to perfection.

I was even sent home with a ton of leftovers, so the carbohydrate merriment continues!


img_7530.JPG To make it to Thanksgiving dinner on time, I had to feed and walk my dogs early in the afternoon. (Any disruption to their normal schedule is potentially a cause for 4 meltdowns.)

When I got home late in the evening, I saw that Lou had thrown a decent tantrum, by rearranging everything he could move in the front room. Ah, well.

Have a great weekend!

No Way, Man

I will remain calm.

I am not freaking out.

But I would forgive myself if I did freak out. You see, I was at the supermarket fish counter, turned my head, and saw this:


…and I threw up a little bit in my mouth.

Not because it’s a crazy Texas cowboy Santa with a cactus and a penguin, but because I am NOT READY to deal with Christmas yet.

By this time last year, I had already:

  • – mixed up new Christmas music playlists
  • – put together a Christmas party outfit
  • – selected the Christmas-ey scent for my home
  • – bought my Christmas cards
  • – selected gifts for the nieces and nephews
  • – I was very close to buying a tree and decorating
  • – photoshopped my dogs to look like reindeer
  • – had a plan for wrapping and shipping everything off to our family and friends

But mostly, I had:

KNIT MORE THAN TWELVE CHRISTMAS GIFTS, and I did it all without ever stepping into a mall.

Clearly, Christmas is going to be different this year. Not bad, but different.

Just as long as I don’t freak out because I can’t be Martha Stewart this time.

Less Stitching, More Stacking

Instead of wool and alpaca and cotton and silk, my attention has been focused on other materials – namely cardboard and tape.

img_7508.JPG And a black magic marker, of course.
img_7509.JPG The art of knitting has been replaced by the art of stacking and lifting…
img_7511.JPG And sorting, and sorting, and sorting.

Packing and moving is one thing…but inspecting every single item to decide whether it’s “his” or “hers” is time consuming.

I’m not complaining. It’s actually sort of cleansing.

img_7513.JPG Speaking of cleansing, my closet positively echoes right now.

“Big picture” details soon.

img_7518.JPG The dogs and I have a deal. As long as I move the dog beds around the house to follow the sun, they won’t unpack what I’ve packed.

Win win!

Widdle Fings

Sometimes even an emotionally stable person can’t avoid baby talk.

Especially in the presence of so many tiny, cute things.

100_1625.JPG First up, my niece. This is Molly Renee at 10 weeks with her mom (aka my sister).

Recently, someone on the street mistook Molly for a boy. Since then, Phyllis has been careful to cover her in pink and bows.

A boy? Really? Only in Alaska.

img_7481.JPG Next little, cute thing – these tiny mittens.

I made these as a shop sample for The Knitting Nest, to help show off the Baby Ull yarn.

I love this pattern, so much that this isn’t the first pair of these mittens I’ve knit.

img_7480.JPG Yet another cute thing…here is the Baby Surprise Sweater I knit a few weeks ago, but this time with buttons.

The buttons aren’t actually attached yet in this photo.

img_7488.JPG Are you about to reach your limit on little cute things? I wasn’t going to take a photo of Little Lou’s head, but he got curious about what I was doing.

The sweater is my latest WIP, Basic Black from the new MagKnits, knit with Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport in Chocolate.

img_7495.JPG Little Lou again, looking kind of huge from this angle.

Crazy Talk

Tenth Clapotis = fini.

As much as I like the pattern, I’d still like to think that this will be my last one.

img_7467.JPG Pretty, huh?

While I was knitting it, I was thinking, “Man, I’d sure like to have one for myself out of this yarn.”

Could somebody lock me up, please?

img_7469.JPG This one was made with 2.5 hanks of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport. The drape on it is perfect and lovely and it smells good, and it is my new BFF.


Ravelry details.

img_7387.JPG Enough of that.

Here’s Gus, from a photo shoot I had with him a few days ago. (He’s laying next to the destroyed dog bed.) Isn’t this called “Rembrandt Lighting”?

One last thing…this is so AWESOME. (Ten Clapotis doesn’t seem quite so crazy anymore).


Boing, Boing, Boing

A fast-topic-changing Friday! It should be in title caps! A Fast-Topic-Changing Friday!

First up, mini trampolines (aka trampettes, rebounders) were constantly bouncing into my field of vision, which made me want to give one a try.

img_7456.JPG A trip to the sports store and $19.99 later, I had me one.

It is so fun! It’s jogging and bouncing, without pressure on the joints. In fact, there are a whole host of benefits to be found on the very trustworthy Online, including happier lymphatic circulation. Who knew?

I like the fact that I can place it directly in front of the tv and bounce to The People’s Court.

img_7459.JPG Abe likes it, too.


img_7449.JPG Could it be? Might I be knitting my TENTH Clapotis?

Yes. It’s a shop/class sample for The Knitting Nest.

I might hold the world’s record for Clapotis. If anyone knows of a knitter who has made more of these than me, please let me know.


img_7443.JPG I got the coolest free gift.

I happen to order all of my skincare from a certain website (I’ll tell ya if you really want to know), and they were having a “free cocktail ring with purchase of $1.4 million dollars” or so. I’m a sucker for free gifts.

I’ve actually been looking for a ring like this! And it’s really metal, and it’s just my size. But it gets even better…

img_7448.JPG Lip gloss!


img_7461.JPG Here is proof that I feed my dogs things other than mini trampolines and Harry Potter scarves. Here they are enjoying a nice bowl of Froot Loops for dinner.

Have a great weekend!

One Costume, Four Dogs

Next up in sample knits for The Knitting Nest – a project that happens to also be the household Halloween costume.

All four dogs are going as Harry Potter this year. I didn’t give them a choice.

12.JPG This sample is for a class I’ll teach for beginners who can already knit and purl, to give them skills in double-knitting, changing colors, k2tog, finishing, and blocking.

These are Gryffindor colors, even though I was sorted as a Ravenclaw. If you haven’t been sorted into your house yet, this test is pretty cool.

23.JPG My guess is that Gus would actually be sorted into Slytherin, which explains his discomfort with wearing Gryffindor colors.
32.JPG It’s hard to tell if Lou loves it, or hates it.
42.JPG Oh. He hates it.

I would guess that he would actually be a Hufflepuff.

52.JPG Abe awaits his turn. I think he’d be a Gryffindor.

It was at this point that I started to worry about the destruction of the “costume”, so Ike didn’t get a chance to try it on.

That’s okay. Ike has suffered plenty of humiliation with modeling handknits.

Happy Halloween!