Easy-Knit Sweater Jacket

How about a pattern + video tutorial for what will become your new favorite sweater jacket? The pattern is sized from XS to 3XL, and includes links to a four-part video tutorial.

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Shaker Dishcloths and Coasters

Pattern includes row-by-row instruction for dishcloths (with and without a picot edge), coasters (with and without a picot edge), and guidelines for modifying the pattern.

Pattern + links to 4-part instructional video.

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Learn to Knit a Men’s Sweater

Finally, something for the guys in a pattern + video tutorial! While my original sketches for this included cables, a shawl collar, buttons, stripes, (and more); masculine feedback on the design helped me to edit it down to something that even the most conservative dresser will want to wear. (And just enough going on to keep it interesting for the knitter.)

Pattern + links to 8 instructional videos.

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Learn to Knit a Sweater – Woman’s T-shirt

Summertime knitting, and no prior sweater knitting experience needed! This sweater is a top-down raglan style, knit in a light summery yarn. Learning to knit (and fit) this style of sweater will set you up to knit all kinds of other patterns. I’ve sized this sweater from XS to 3X.

Pattern + links to 7 instructional videos.

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Learn to Knit Lace

Lace knitting can be daunting to knitters who have never tried it, but with a little help, these techniques are simple to learn, and the reward of a finished lace scarf is totally worth it.

Pattern + links to 5 instructional videos.

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Learn to Knit Mittens

Basic mittens are quick and fun to knit, and are full of skill-building techniques you’ll use in tons of other patterns you knit.

Pattern + links to 5 instructional videos.

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Learn to Felt – Easter Basket

This Easter Basket is knit up with double-strands of worsted yarn and size 10.5 or 11 needles. That means you’ll have a finished basket, ready to felt, in just a few evenings of knitting.

Pattern + links to 6 instructional videos.

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