Gloves & Mittens

Doppelt Hat and Mitts

I named this pattern “Doppelt”, which means “double” in German – it is a double-warm hat, and two hats in one. The free pattern includes links to a three-part video tutorial (below) and a bonus mitts pattern. Size: Women’s average (for a slightly larger or smaller fit, use a larger or smaller needle size) Needles: […]

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Thrummed Mittens

Thrummed mittens are about the warmest thing you can wear on your hands. Sized for kids, women, and men, pattern + 4-part video tutorial.

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Learn to Knit Gloves

This pattern is for a warm pair of thick gloves. We use size 3 US needles and worsted weight yarn to make learning the techniques easier. After you’ve worked through this pattern, it will be no problem to move on to other, more complicated patterns that use smaller needles and thinner yarn, to make more delicate gloves.

Pattern + links to 9 instructional videos.

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Learn to Knit Mittens

Basic mittens are quick and fun to knit, and are full of skill-building techniques you’ll use in tons of other patterns you knit.

Pattern + links to 5 instructional videos.

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Amirah Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless GLOVES, not mittens – don’t be fooled! Fingerless gloves are a much better fit. They lovingly wrap and cuddle each finger, so that there is no unfortunate gaping around the hand.

This pattern is available two ways – either as a pattern with instructional videos, or as a pattern only.

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