sloped bo vp

Sloped Bind-Off

This bind-off is an easy alternative to the “stair-steppy” bind-off many patterns call for when knitting a shaped edge (like when shaping armholes, sleeves, or necklines.) The edge this bind-off leaves makes seaming and picking up stitches easier. Instructions for working this technique: Please follow your pattern for the exact bind-off numbers for the shaping […]

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bo middle row

Binding-Off in the Middle of a Row

There are several reasons that a pattern will have you binding-off stitches in the middle of a row – the necklines of sweaters, for example. In this video I show you how to do that, while keeping the correct stitch count. The basketweave stitch in my sample is the stitch I use in my Mimi […]

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stretchy bo vp

Simple Stretchy Bind-Off

So simple, and so stretchy! This is my new favorite bind-off, good to use whether you need a little or a lot of stretch. Instructions for working this BO in 2×2 rib: Step 1: K 2 stitches, insert the left needle into the front of the two stitches you just worked, wrap the back needle […]

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Tidy Finishing on a Circular Bind-Off

The bind-off row in circular knitting can leave your with an enormous “jog” between the first and last BO stitch, especially in larger gauge knitting. Here is how to smooth that out. Please excuse the green screen background – we’re under a bit of construction in the studio. Exciting changes to come! Information on things […]

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russian bo vp

Russian Bind-Off

To work the Russian Bind-Off: 1. Knit 2 2. Slip both stitches back to left needle 3. Knit two together 4. Knit 1 Repeat Steps 2-4 across all stitches, until just one stitch is left. Break yarn, pull end through last loop and tighten. Information on things you’ll see in the video: The sweater on […]

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outline bo vp

Outline Stitch Bind-Off

Instructions for working this bind-off: Set yourself up so you’re ready to work a wrong-side row. With the right-side of the work facing you, and the tail end of the yarn coming from the left side of the work, break the yarn, leaving yourself a tail that is at least twice the length of the […]

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icelandic vp

Icelandic Bind-Off

Instructions for working the Icelandic Bind-Off: K the first stitch. *transfer stitch from the right needle to the left, giving it a little twist so that it is mounted correctly. Put your right needle through that stitch, as if to purl, reaching through to knit the next stitch normally (through the front loop)* Repeat between […]

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