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March 9, 2007

You've seen the progress, so here are the results...
One fair isle baby ski sweater: 30,148 stitches.
Seriously dull baby ski pants: 27,360 stitches.
Baby ski cap with ear flaps: 8,670 stitches.
Tiny, thumbless mittens: 5,280 stitches.
Socks to match: 4,698 stitches.
Knowing that The Great (Yet-Unborn) Alaskan Niece or Nephew will have a ski outfit as soon as (s)he is born: Priceless.

Total stitch count, by the way: 76,158.
Totally gratuitous photo of Ike modeling the booties. (If I don't post at least one dog pic, some people get upset.)

Knitting details of each of these knits are on my knitting page.

Whoops - one last thing. I have plans to be in Austin on Sunday at Hill Country Weavers for their "Meet the Bloggers!" event. If you're in the area, join us!

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