Chinese Waitress Cast-On

A deep cast-on with medium stretch, the Chinese Waitress Cast-On is pretty on both sides, and therefore good for double-sided items like scarves and blankets.

The sweater on the mannequin is my Woman’s Zippered Letterman’s Jacket, pattern + video tutorial.

The pattern for the sweater I’m wearing can be found here (not my design).

The needles I’m using for demonstration are by Clover.

The nail polish I’m wearing is Julep color “Flora”.

12 comments on “Chinese Waitress Cast-On

  1. Great demo. This is my most favorite cast-on in all the land. It’s a version of the double-chain cast-on that uses a crochet hook instead of a second knitting needle, and is a bit easier to manage as you can flip the crochet hook around instead of removing and resinserting the knitting needle. There’s also a matching double-chain bind-off.

  2. As always very easy to understand when you do a tutorial. Thanks Staci, I will try this cast on next project!

  3. That’s a really interesting cast-on, and I will show MamaX3, who taught me to knit. And I am thoroughly amused that you have to note the other items in your video, because you’ll inevitably get questions about it.

    I’ll remember this cast on for my next scarf project. I’m stuck finishing up all these WIPs before I can bring myself to cast on anything else. It’s torturous.

  4. Wow what a great tutorial! As a novice knitter I can actually follow this technique. Is there a Chinese bind-off?

    I look forward to learning more from your tutorials.
    Thank you

  5. You do a very good job on your videos. Quality is what you’re striving in your knitting and you are getting and sharing it. wonderful. Will try this cast-on. I am also sharing your blog url with my knitters.

  6. Everything about your teaching and your videos works for me!!! I love the repetition!!! Thank you. I will definitely try this cast on and look forward to exploring your whole web site.

  7. Staci you mentioned in the long tail cast-on instructional video that you had an easier way ( other than the long tail cast on ) way to cast on. I did view the fish tail ( the one with the crochet hook ) and that looks easy but would like to know which cast on method you were talking about in the long tail cast-on that is easier ?
    I recently took a class on how to make a knitted cap, and just couldn’t “GET” how to do the long tail cast-on…..I would appreciate it if you would tell me the easiest way to cast on ? I am a visual learner.
    I love your videos… are AWESOME!!

  8. Staci – I return to your tutorials over and over. You have a great way of explaining and demonstrating techniques that are easy to follow. I was able to do a 10-stitch easily after watching your video.

    I am going to attempt this multi-step CO on my next scarf. Doesn’t seem the best for a hat – I’ll stick with long-tail tubular for those I think.

  9. Hello, I’ve seen this video and have a question, Is it possible to turn the needle (since you’re using a double pointed needle) instead of turning the loop? (sorry for my english, I’m spanish)

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