Ravelry Tips – Adding a Project

Adding your knitting and crochet projects to Ravelry is the most basic and important way to contribute to the Ravelry community. You can add as little or much information as you like, from notes to yourself to photos for the world to see. In this video, I walk you through the basics of adding a […]

Ravelry Tips – Finding Pattern Help

We’ve all been there – stuck on a pattern and in need of some help. In this video, I show you some ways to get answers to your questions, and show you how to find info on modifying patterns. There is one more way to get pattern help that I missed in the video! Sometimes […]

Ravelry Tips – Using Your Ravelry Library

Maybe you’ve seen the “library” link in Ravelry, but are you using your library? It’s there, working for you now, whether you click the link or not! In this video, I show you how useful your Ravelry library can be. If you don’t yet have a free Ravelry account, you can get one here. If […]

Ravelry Tips – Using Advanced Search

In this video, I show you how to use Ravelry Advanced Search to drill down through all of the thousands of patterns to find exactly what you’re looking for. Maybe you’re forgotten the name of a pattern? Or maybe you have a good idea for what you’d like to knit, and you want to see […]

Ravelry Tips – Stashed Yarns

Looking for ideas on some yarn you have stashed? Or want to browse other people’s stashed yarns – maybe to locate some yarn you need to finish a project? In this video I demonstrate how to navigate Ravelry in relation to stashed yarns. To follow this video and see the screen clearly, I recommend expanding […]

Judy (Knitting Tips by Judy) Interviews Me!

A few months ago, I interviewed Judy Graham, aka “Knitter to the Stars”. She and I had so much fun and became friends in real life. You can see that video here. You can see Judy’s videos on her YouTube Channel, Knitting Tips by Judy. The poncho I’m wearing is my Rodeo Drive Poncho, pattern […]

Podcast Episode 84: Knitting Neurons

Download episode. Casey’s website is kcknits.com. To get your knitting question on the show, just email it to podcast@verypink.com. Our lovely sponsor this week: Hello Fresh Visit hellofresh.com and use the code VERYPINK30 to receive $30 off your first order! Neural Knitworks on Australia’s Science Week page, where you can download the pattern book. Details […]

Podcast Episode 49: Alpacas, the Secret to Happiness

Download Episode. For more information and photos about the Phi Beta Paca alpaca ranch, visit Casey’s blog, KC Knits. From our lovely sponsors this week: Rib Magazine is all about knitting for men, and those who knit for them. You can click through to their website to order the previous issue, and/or pre-order the next […]

Podcast Episode 47: The Bohus Episode

Download Episode. You can find Casey’s website at kcknits.com. Things we talk about in this episode: Courtney Kelley Freyja Sweater Poems of Color , and the book on Amazon. AngoraGarnet Google Image Search results for Bohus Knitting (lots of photos) Staci’s Turtlepurl Socks Turtlepurl Yarns Videos: Spit splicing Winding Yarn into Two Equally-Sized Balls Ravelry […]

Podcast Episode 17: This Yarn is My Best Friend

Download Episode.To get your knitting question answered on the show, email your question to podcast@verypink.com. You can see Casey’s website and her social media buttons on kcknits.com. Links to things we talk about in this episode: If you want to see the collection of fair isle hats Staci has been knitting, here is her Ravelry […]