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  1. Is there a tutorial for this pattern? I am a new knitted and I love your videos and I was just wondering if there is one for this pattern. Thanks Happy 2013!

  2. hi i was wondering if u were going to do a tutorial for this pattern because i got confused when it said cast on 33 stiches with 2 strands of wool

  3. Hi Charlie – it is unlikely that I will do a video tutorial on this pattern, but I think I can answer your question. Just hold two strands of wool together as if they were one while you knit this scarf. It’s easier to do than you might think.
    Good luck!
    S t a c i

  4. Staci,
    Love this design and after 80 washclothes and 7 scarves I’m ready :). In the pattern I’m confused though, I got the changing of the color and combining the two strands but int he directions is says k2tog tbl. I know the knit two together from the washclothes but tbl?

  5. Hi Staci,
    I have bought the striped Cardi and also the childs sweater. Thank you for doing this wonderful website.
    My question is the other day I was on a site to learn how to put beads on and you nwere showing it and you had a pink scarf on. I would like to buy the scarf pattern. can you put it on your page.

    Thank you, Linda

  6. I have noticed that there are more and more yarn companies are using the hank instead of little balls. Would you be able to tell me what brand of umbrella “thing a ma jig” you used and the brand of ball winder. I don’t want to spend a fortune. I notice that most of these come in wood. Yours was plastic (or metal) and seemed to work well.

    Your tutorials are amazing – I especially liked the one on “entrelac”. I made a sweater about 35 years ago from an Anny Blatt pattern and it was gorgeous. Now I stick to scarves, cowls and the occasional throw.

    Yhank you for your love of knitting

  7. hi stacey

    I have a video request can you make a video on designing a sweater step by step like gauge,measurements,casting on, armhole shaping etc and I am confused with the schemtics I dont where to put the measurements etc and can you make a series called designing sweaters for beginners thanks

  8. hi there
    i want to make a market bag but i have tried and tried to use dpns. Is there another way to do the bottom of a bag with out the dpns, thank you

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