7 comments on “Ike’s Collegiate Sweater

  1. Hi !
    I’m knitting this lovely jumper for my daughter’s African dog, now living in England and feeling the cold (daugher + dog ..) But am having difficulty understanding how to knit in the leg holes – there’s something I’m not understanding, if I transfer the stitches on the scrap yarn back to the left needle and reknit – then there’s no hole ? Help please ! Many thanks in advance, Ann

  2. Hello Staci I am a young knitter and I learned to knit by you on YouTube! I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on how to knit a sweater for a toy breed dog about weighing 5 or 6 pounds
    Thanks for your time,
    ~ Julianna

  3. Hello …Oh yes I second Staci’s request for a toy dog sweater tutorial!!!! I am a newbie knitter and have a 6lbs toy poodle. Reading patterns can be confusing, especially the leg opening parts. Please HELP!?! Kristina

  4. My 1/2 African brindle Basenji salutes yours and thanks you for this design! Winters get cold here in the mountains of NM, and Toby will love this when I get it made.

  5. Thanks so much I was so happy to see this college type dog sweater and I hope I can make it!! you really are awesome! 🙂

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