My current knitting project: endless BLACK STOCKINETTE. It’s too dull to be remotely photo-worthy.

My current moving/divorce/future outlook: progressing, but again, no photos. (I’m not sure that images of moving boxes are very exciting.)

But – I had a pretty fun time on the floor with my boys yesterday. Here are the best shots I got of each of them, oldest to youngest – Gus, Ike, Abe, and Lou.





Have I ever mentioned that living with these dogs is like living in a cartoon? A very silly, fast-action cartoon full of fake violence. I wouldn’t have it any other way. As insane as they are, these dogs have helped me keep my sanity through the last several weeks of turmoil.

Excuse me while I go plant a million kisses on four warm foreheads.

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  1. Your boys are better than years of therapy. They are too damn cute. I hesitate to ask- they are all going with you I hope. Keep knitting & keep petting silky, pointy ears. All will be well.

  2. i, too, am curious who all is moving to austin. since chris doesn’t have a blog documenting the divorce as well, i hope all the boys get to move with you. they need their mom.

  3. Moving day is soon, hopefully. We worked out a potential timeline for househunting and closing on my house in the next few weeks.

    As far as the dogs go…well, it’s tough. I would love to take all four, but I realize that isn’t practical, and I need to split them up fairly with Chris. We are talking about taking two dogs each. I’m not really ready to talk about the details yet.

    Lucky for me, Chris does a lot of traveling for work. I should have plenty of “parental visitation” during his trips.

  4. Staci, Keep your head up girl! Not even ever having met you face to face, your personality comes through so clearly in your blog. You seem like a very intelligent, good hearted person, and someone who can be true enough to herself to put the crap aside and see the light at the end of the tunnel. Good luck with your move, and I hope your healing comes quickly. The dog pics are wonderful as usual!

  5. I’ve been wanting to ask about custody of the dogs too, but haven’t had the guts to do so. I’m definitely in the “you’ll talk about it when you want to talk about it” camp. I’ve been worrying about Abe. He’s the newest member of the family and the last to have a family. I don’t know if that will make the transition easier or more difficult for him.

  6. Don’t worry, Amy. Via verypink, you really only see me and my interactions with the dogs…but rest assured, the dogs dearly love both of us. They will be fine.


  7. Aren’t animals just amazing?! Their intuition is so profoundly touching – they seem to know when we need to play, when we need to cuddle, when we need to just love… Awesome. I have one cat who has always come to me to cuddle and love when I cry. Every single time for the past 9 years. So sweet!

    Also – I thought of you (and the story you told at the Knitting Nest on Saturday…) this morning because as I passed our bathroom, I saw one of my cats sitting on the bathroom counter, just staring directly at herself in the mirror. Not playing, not looking at anything behind her…just sitting there, so pretty, looking at herself. Heh.

  8. Beautiful boys! I love that Abe is mid-lick in his photo. Dogs are such wonderful companions … Squeeze them tightly and kiss them on their foreheads!

  9. Like others I guess I was wondering also but didn’t want to ask. I feel sadness for these difficult decisions you must make and endure. Dogs are just like children and have difficulties with adjustments they must also make along with mom and dad. With lots of love and a little time they also make the transition and adjust to a new home and routine.

    I understand because I’ve been in your shoes so recently and remember too well the pain of the split. Prior to the split, I hadn’t thought about it through the dog’s perspective. She (the dog) had a new home and yard to adjust too, a different routine and one of her parents wasn’t around anymore. It was a difficult time for BOTH of us. She gave me comfort but she had her adjustments also and that made me sad for her–we both had losses. Sounds crazy but her world was changed by divorce also and was very stressful.

    BUT…..everything is great now, we are on the other side, we are happy and we are family. Take care and have an easy journey and move to the other, sunny side.

  10. Sweet!!! All I have to say is …. POSTCARD!!! Those are postcard worthy photos, especially Gus – he was so completely ready for his close-up on that one! Awww… 🙂

  11. What a bunch of cuties. I can’t imagine life without pets. They are so warm, forgiving and loving. Glad you have the boys to keep your spirits up. I know even when I’m feeling my worst, I can always count on a kitty to curl up beside me or lie on his back on the floor and make me laugh.

  12. Great pictures of the boys. I can relate to the forehead kisses. Although once my Basenji (yes, only one!) hears “I’m going to kiss your browwwww” he is usually off and running. Devils in dogsuits, they are!

  13. I’ve been worried about the boys too and hoping that you were going to be the custodial parent. So glad that you have them to comfort you now.

  14. Good old stockinette! Gotta love it for speed! The boys are adorable and irresistable! Glad you have their unconditional love and attention. There’s nothing like sanity!

  15. Staci,
    Thank you for the pictures of the dogs…you know how I love the boys!

    Please don’t hold it against me but I tagged you for the “8 Random Things” meme. When you are not busy trying to accomplish the silly task of putting your life in order you can get down to the important things like working on memes!

  16. like everyone else, i’ve been worried about the custody situation. it seems that two dogs each is very reasonable, although i’m sure deciding who lives with who is a rough decision. at least you get visitation!

  17. Enjoy the four as long as you (and they can)! Oh, I know… books and cd’s are one thing, but the beloved pets is very very different in such times.

  18. Staci so sorry to hear about you and Chris. But great to see you have two more puppies – you seem so busy. Have only managed to run into one besengi in Australia and he reminded me of you in Holland.

    Tony and I are in Melbourne now and have one little boy (16 months).

    Will be thinking of you and hope the move goes well.

  19. Delurking to tell you that your beasts are simply fabulous!
    Have you thought of selling your photos of them for a calendar? Postcards?
    They’re so beautiful. They’re art! 🙂

  20. Staci, I didn’t realise you’re going through a divorce [I guess I haven’t been reading long enough]. I’m so, so sorry. I can only try to understand how you must be feeling. I hope you manage to get through this difficult time. Thank you for the dog photos – you made my day. x

  21. Staci – sorry to hear about all the ‘life’ stuff you are going through, but I’m so glad you have your four babies right now. I can confirm that I am here today because of my dog Maxx. He is so compassionate and loving and gives the bestest hugs… whenever I’m down I go to him first. I’m sorry you have to split them up, but so glad you’ll still get to see them and they will get to see each other from time to time. Animals are quite resilient so I am positive everything will work out okay. And you’re a strong chick too!

    Thanks for the fabulous photos and please take care of your self.

  22. Do you HAVE to move to Austin? I am here in Houston, just recently discovered your blog and would hate to lose you to those Austinites!

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