The Launch of Carb Season

Time for Christmas music also means Time For Carbs!

I usually stick to the rule of “No White Foods”, except for the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Then all bets are off. It’s the most luxurious gift I could possibly give myself.

“No White Foods” means that I don’t normally eat bread, rice, or potatoes. Don’t try to read too much into it. I do eat eggs. I do eat chicken. I do take cream in my coffee. Some people find it a challenge to think of every white food on the planet, then quiz me about it. Makes me laugh.

It’s a fast-topic-changing-Friday, so hang on…

img_7534.JPG Have you seen these fancy automatic shower cleaners? It’s a great idea. Just push a button and it sprays the whole shower down with cleaner, so you never have to scrub.

The latest refill I bought came with an extra bit of information…

img_7538.JPG Oh, no. Does that mean that someone actually – and then wrote to the company to complain that their skin burned off or something –


I suppose we can’t credit all of America with being supersmart.


muffin.JPG I spent Thanksgiving with some new and old friends. Here is one of my new friends, Muffin.

She is a bottle-fed kitten, cared for by one of my Thanksgiving hosts, Elissa, who works in an animal clinic. Please drop me a note if you’re in Houston and interested in adoption.

Funny, last year’s Thanksgiving post was also about animal rescue.


img_7523.JPG I enjoyed a fantastic Thanksgiving meal, with all of the trimmings, cooked to perfection.

I was even sent home with a ton of leftovers, so the carbohydrate merriment continues!


img_7530.JPG To make it to Thanksgiving dinner on time, I had to feed and walk my dogs early in the afternoon. (Any disruption to their normal schedule is potentially a cause for 4 meltdowns.)

When I got home late in the evening, I saw that Lou had thrown a decent tantrum, by rearranging everything he could move in the front room. Ah, well.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Hey I walked by your house yesterday evening and one of the dogs was sitting in the chair looking out the window. I waved but he didn’t respond.

  2. Oh my God, Muffin is so cute! I should move to Houston just to be able to adopt her …
    That bird looks amazing, much better than Ron T. Urkey, the pale fellow I served last weekend. Ah well, the guest were hungry, so I took him out of the oven just a tad early.

    It’s nice to hear you had a great Thanksgiving; and it looks like the dogs had a fun evening as well!

  3. They only do that to the couch when you’re gone? Mine looks like that all the time. Even though I pick up, dust off, and plump up the pillows and blankets at least 4 times a day.

    To quality for tantrum status in our house there must be chewed or eaten items (toys, bags and coats being prime targets), or pee. At 12 & 13 I’ve given up all hope the dogs will outgrow it. What the heck is in Velcro that makes it so tasty anyway?

  4. The sad part about the automatic shower cleaner is that they have to tell you that it’s not to be used as a body wash. I’ve not seen this product, so I will have to look for it.

    Enjoy your carbs!

  5. “No white foods” helps explain how you stay so svelte. My motto is “White foods and lots of them”, which explains why I’m not! Would that I were one of those people who just LOVES fruits and vegetables and can take or leave everything else! Staci, your self-discipline is commendable.

    That turkey looks fab! We went to my daughter’s home for the holiday. Yikes. The turkey was just this side of gobbling, and everything else was weird. I’m really into traditional Thanksgiving fare, like mashed potatoes and gravy and cranberry sauce. Braised fennel? Squash and pesto soup? JHC! Next year I’m staying home! 😉

  6. Hello, I’m in Houston and have done rescue here for almost 22 years, from greyhounds to heartworm cases to snappy dogs to orthopedics to parrots to geriatric chihuahuas and a little with ferals.
    I buy and sell used(disinfected) pet supplies and a line of new wire crates.

  7. Muffin is soo cute. I am glad you enjoyed your thanksgiving, we celebrate thanksgiving way earlier in Canada, and reading about everyone’s yummy turkey suppers have made me crave it so much.
    Looks like the doggies had fun too.

  8. I am sooo glad that you enjoyed Thanksgiving!! Keep the carbs coming!! That kitty is soooo cute I want to take him home and SQUISH him!! But, I once had a cat named Muffin, it was the DEVIL and then ran away. So, enjoy not having to scrub your shower, and it’s a good thing you read directions and warnings!

  9. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving. Guess we aren’t the only creatures of habit. Guess we all deserve a tantrum now and then.

    Muffin is adorable. I would take her, but we already have 5 cats and we are getting a new kitten for Christmas. Not to mention, I am not in the Houston area.

    Happy Carb Consumption!

  10. I am glad to hear that you had a festive Thanksgiving. What could be more festive than a little calico kitty wrapped in fleece?

    Speaking of fit throwing…have you read my last blog posting? Elijah has taught me to be a better listener.

  11. I love the warning labels! I bought some pumpkin spice body butter, and in big block letters near the lid thingy, it said “NOT A FOOD PRODUCT. DO NOT EAT.” Kind of awesome, in a weird and sad way.

  12. It always amazes me what they have to write on some products!
    Your turkey is… perfection!
    That Lou is such a character! How can you live with him? He’s so silly

  13. Hi Staci!

    I changed schedules at work, so I’ve only had time to lurk for the last few posts. I hope you and the doggies are doing well!

    Also, I have a funny “misuse of products” story: when I was working for this Irish band, we’d sometimes go on bus tours. My friend went to use the bathroom on the bus on one trip and when she came back, she said, “The lights don’t work and there’s no toilet paper, but there’s a can of wipes in there.” When I went to use bathroom later, the lights flickered on and I saw the wipes–they were Clorox disinfectant wipes for cleaning bathrooms! (Aside from some mild discomfort and embarrassment, my friend was okay.) Good times . . . 😀

  14. Does the shower thingy work well ? I love the carpet rubbing, is that so the carpet smells like them, or so they smell like carpet : )

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