Ravelry Tips – Using Advanced Search

In this video, I show you how to use Ravelry Advanced Search to drill down through all of the thousands of patterns to find exactly what you’re looking for. Maybe you’re forgotten the name of a pattern? Or maybe you have a good idea for what you’d like to knit, and you want to see what is available and matches your criteria? Here’s how to do it.

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The computer I’m using is my producer’s, the brand is Qosmio. He uses this computer for video editing, more info here.

One comment on “Ravelry Tips – Using Advanced Search

  1. Your knitting videos have always been interesting and helpful, but only yesterday did I discover your Ravelry tips videos. I’ve watched them all and already my use of Ravelry has been more efficient and effective. I hope an upcoming video will include tips on how to use the ‘bundles’ feature that’s offered to me every time I favourite a pattern. Thanks for all the help you’ve provided already!

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