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I love fast-topic-changing Fridays. Just by typing “Next…!” I am forgiven for randomly jumping around like a bunny rabbit with ADD.

Let’s get started…

Take a look at this wall of cards! You people are so freaking nice!

Besides the sheer volume (108 at last count), there were a few things that pleasantly surprised me:

img_8106.JPG 1. Nearly every card included holiday wishes to Ike and Abe as well. Aww.

2. The messages inside were SO sweet! I got choked up every day opening my mail. Choked up in a good way.

3. The little prezzies! I got chocolates, jewelry, little bath products, ornaments, family photos…wow.

I’m so glad that I asked for cards. They really helped me to have a great Christmas. Every card was like a big hug.


img_8109.JPG Free pattern!

I just finished designing this baby sundress, called Fiona, for The Knitting Nest. Stacy (the other Staci) wants to have a knit-along in the spring, and then ask everyone bring the dresses in to the store for an awesome display.

It’s made from worsted weight cotton, and has a unique pleated skirt that gives it a ballgown feel.

This pattern, along with my other designs, can be found here.


img_8100.JPG DANG.

I put up these shelves, stocked them with books, then realized that I didn’t have enough space.

I didn’t mind going back to the store to buy another shelf, but I did mind having to remove and replace EVERY SINGLE BOOK.

img_8103.JPG Much better.

Now I’ll be okay if I accidentally buy more books.

Yes, a large number of them are knitting books.


img_8123.JPG Q. Isn’t it a lot of work having two dogs?

A. No.

Have a great weekend!

16 comments on “Working Title

  1. Agree – Fiona is darling! I really liked the first pic you posted in the yellow/pink colors.

    Great pic of the dogs… horribly stormy here in Bay Area and I wish I were curled up in bed, too!

  2. aww puppy naptime. I’m a dog person. All dogs are “puppies” to me, I love em all. I think one dog is harder! If they don’t have playmates they get very needy for attention 🙂

  3. Yay you! I’m so happy that so many people sent you cards, that is wonderful. I love the dress too, very nice. And I love your sleeping dogs – that’s exactly what mine are doing – it’s been raining for the past couple of days so they’re just snuggled up in their own beds, that’s what winter’s for I suppose; can’t say I blame them.
    Have a good weekend.

  4. Cute dress! Great job on the pattern. Love the line about the “feel of a balldress”. All little girls want to dress up for a ball don’t they?

  5. i’m trying to pick mine out on the way. but being mostly white (there’s more than one) doesn’t really help me. i do like the way you’ve displayed them. very cool. at work i tape them to my door. at home, i got 3, so they just sort of sat. beautiful dress. what little girl doesn’t like a ballgown feel? heck i still do! and as for the puppies, we’re going to be having a heat wave this weekend (almost 50!) so they’d be happy chasing the squirrels who’ve come out to look for those darned nuts. have a good one!

  6. Hahaha!! I see the penguine card we sent you!!! Abe and Ike look soooooooo cuddley!! Makes me wanna nap too!!! So glad you had good holidays!!

  7. I need shelves like that! Could you come over and install some for me? 🙂 I need *something* for my DVD collection that is pouring off my current shelf and onto every other surface in the living room.

  8. I love love love that dress!!!! I ditto the questions on how to make it bigger. I’m thinking around 12 months. 🙂 The puppies look so comfy. I wish I could just curl up like that some days!

  9. That dress is so cute! Thanks for sharing the pattern. My niece has her first birthday coming up in April and she may need a cute little sun dress just like this. 🙂

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