Madder Than a Wet Basenji

Sort of a Fast-Topic-Changing Friday, except I’m going in chronological order…

100_1770.JPG My mom sent me this photo of my niece, Molly Renee, in the Vestee I made for her. I love to see my handknits in action.

Yes, this child is adorable.


2537387776_c329f3ce5f.jpg Last weekend, The Knitting Nest hosted Franklin Habit on his 1000 Knitters pre-book book tour.

He is as charming and delightful as I imagined.

Photo courtesy of Stephanie.

2539975575_e69441822c1.jpg And he left us a big present – a larger-than-life Dolores on a wall of store.

I think everyone agrees that Franklin is invited back to Austin any time he’d like to come.

Photo courtesy of Stephanie.


day-171.JPG Then.

Then I got food poisoning. Oy. I was too sick to knit, or even watch tv.

I wouldn’t wish salmonella on my worst enemy. Or a crocheter, even. (honk!)


day-172.JPG Once I started to feel better, I finished up this French Market Bag and felted it.

Felted bags are GREAT for grocery shopping, especially in warmer climates. The felted fabric really works to insulate your cold food on the trip home.


img_0847.JPG I also knit up this pair of Fetching.

Both the French Market Bag and these mitts are samples for a “Countdown to Christmas” campaign we’re running at The Knitting Nest.


img_0857.JPG Everyone is a little mad at me this morning. We were about half-way through our walk when it started absolutely pouring rain.

According to three Basenjis, the rain is my fault, and they are punishing me by ignoring me. (They’ll get over it once they get hungry.)

Have a great weekend!

14 comments on “Madder Than a Wet Basenji

  1. A roller coaster of emotions! Ahhh – cute little girl, Wow – love that picture and I want your sunglasses, Cool – love Dolores, Oh no!-sorry to hear you were sick, glad you’re better now, LOVE the bag, Awesome – love your pair of Fetching, and oh no! not wet basenjis! ugh, silly dogs – I hate when my dog ignores me, I couldn’t imagine it times 3!

  2. Yes. I CANNOT WAIT until Franklin comes for another visit!
    And you only THINK that the Basenjis are mad at you for the rain, but I can tell that it’s because of your snide comment towards a certain craft. HONK! 😉

  3. I have all the sympathy in the world for you in regard to getting food poisoning.

    Years ago I ate dinner at a restaurant and I didn’t finish it so I brought it home. I woke up in the middle of the night puking my brains out. I thought I had the flu. I lounged around the next day and of course I didn’t feel like cooking so I heated up my dinner from the restaurant from the night before. I ate it. My boyfriend ate it. And…I fed it to the 2 dogs and the cat.

    I don’t even want to tell you what the living room looked like when I woke up in the middle of the night to resume puking my brains out. The animals were even sicker than I was. It. Was. Horrible.

  4. uh oh, tomatoes? good god, i hope not! the market bags rocks and begs to be knit by……me! love the fetchings too! you are an inspiration and i love checking in with you. Rain……oh, how we’d love to have some of that up here!

  5. I just saw your picture over on Franklin’s blog! You look so cute! It’s great to see you smiling and knitting. Adorable!

  6. Did the tomatoes get you?

    I hadn’t heard about the countdown to Christmas. What’s that all about?

    Also, it looks like you Fetching doesn’t have the picot bind off. What do you think? I’m unsure about the bind off on mine. (What yarn did you used? I used Malabrigo Worsted.)

    BTW – when are you doing that double knitting class? I’m ready to sign up!

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