2009 Favorites – The Dogs

I’ve recently done something I didn’t think I’d ever do. I “paused” my year-long, photo-a-day project – on day 325, no less. Poof! I lost inspiration. I found myself skipping days and taking crap pictures, so I paused the project until I can get back into it again.

For the sake of trying to jump start my inspiration as well as wrapping up the year, I browsed the photos I took in 2009 and picked out my favorites. Here’s Part 1, Basenji Bonanza.










Next up, 2009 Favorites – The Knits

11 comments on “2009 Favorites – The Dogs

  1. I hate to hear that you have lost your inspiration…your pictures are so outstanding…and how could your beautiful boys not just beg to be photographed?

  2. Wonderful photos, wonderful dogs and wonderful you. I especially love the one with his eyes closed trying on the sweater (sorry, I forgot who that was, Ike? )

    Sorry to hear about your inspiration loss, I hope you get it back soon. I think it’s something in the air because I’ve heard a couple other people with the same thing.

    You are wonderful person, whom we love dearly (even if many of us have never met you), so as soon as you can – please keep posting and taking photos!

  3. They are all wonderful pictures! My favorites are the sweater picture and of you going eye to eye. The sweater one just makes me laugh every single stinking time I see it! Believe it or not, it lifts my mood a little. Have a very Merry Holiday Season and Happy New Year!

  4. Something I should have mentioned in the post…good photos of the dogs are 75% luck. I can “stage” them to a point, but the dogs are going to do what they want to do. Most of these shots were because I had the camera ready when they happened to be sitting in good light in a cute pose.

    The photo of Ike and me in a staredown was set-up, of course. The reason it worked is because he has a strange obsession with human coughs. I coughed, he stared, I snapped the photo.

  5. Ikey always looks so regal. I love him, of course the other dogs are very cute, but there is something special between us!

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