Blooming Most Recklessly

Fast-Topic-Changing-Friday, First Spring Edition. This is the post where I make a big deal about springtime and spring colors, as if winter in Austin was something difficult to endure. As a former Alaskan, I assure you – I survived the winter unscathed. Regardless, springtime and I are total BFFs.

And here we go…

b-and-w.JPG A big kiss for WillieMcGee. To everyone who thought I couldn’t do it, I SUCCESSFULLY FOSTERED A DOG WITHOUT ADOPTING HIM! Yay, me!

He went to his forever home last week with Chris (my ex). I’ll still get to dogsit him when Chris travels.
Basenji Rescue.


img_6322.JPG New design – Socks for Mary Janes. I designed these girls’ socks to be a free pattern for The Knitting Nest’s April newsletter, but I’ll be releasing it to the public on March 31.

Ravelry details.


day-59.JPG Fair Isle Easter Eggs! Not my pattern, but something I knit up for a class.

Ravelry details.


2.jpg I’ll start bitching and whining about the heat in the next few months, but I am terrifically in love with Austin right now.

Every day is a perfect, windows-open, short-sleeve, bare-legs day. And the city is transforming leafy green lusciousness. Love.


4.jpg Current work-in-progress, Leaf Tie Cardi in a fluffy pink angora blend. I don’t think I’ve ever used the exact yarn, exact color twice before this, but this yarn is that awesome.

With Socrates.


img_6281.JPG Tippy is both photogenic, and really expressive with his face. It looks like he’s saying something here…I just can’t think of a good caption. Can you?

Sticking with the springtime/new beginnings theme – another video to share with you. Trust me, it’s eight minutes you’ll be glad you spent. Have a great weekend!

18 comments on “Blooming Most Recklessly

  1. I’m not sure what Tippy is saying but considering his debonair look combined with the Persian rug, he’s probably British and quite possibly introducing a new episode of “Hound of the Baskerville” for Masterpiece Theatre. “In this episode, we find Holmes and Watson…”

  2. I think Tippy actually looks kinda worried – like, “And then the big dog growled at me and I got ascared.” 🙂

    I don’t know what just happened with the font size inside the table (next to the photos). It was fine when I posted it, now it’s wonky and huge. Any ideas would be much appreciated. I haven’t changed anything on the style sheets.

  3. Tippy has got that look like he is slighty taken aback. He has is paw half raised like he’s thinking he is going to do something about whatever it is that he thinks you shouldn’t be doing.

  4. I think Tippy thinks he’s the best looking boy in your house!
    Your knitting looks fabulous – as always!
    That wedding video is unreal! That’s one very loved lady!
    I could sure use some of that Austin weather right about now – I’m tired of being cold!
    Bye Willie McGee – see you soon though!

  5. Tippy definately is british!!! I have no idea what he is saying, if it were Ike I would have some good idea, Tippy I am at a loss. The eggs are adorable!!

  6. Amy and Brad need a Basenji
    Can’t be depressed or sad with a Basenji
    She’ll start as just a foster
    Her clueless owner lost her
    They will almost try to find her a home….

  7. Said with a british accent, strange because he is actual African….
    Pfffft, It was not I who touched your undies.

    p.s. thanks for the 8 minutes, it was great.

  8. ok, now that I posted that comment it seems a lttle strange. I’ll explain, my basenji ALWAYS had the “It wasn’t me stealing your undies look” even though it was. LOL

  9. Looks to me like, “Get outta town!” 😉

    Love the eggs. And the socks. And Tippy.

    Oh yeah, and spring! We’re on the cusp of bustin’ out all over here in upstate NY!

  10. Hi Staci~ ~ ~
    It’s quite an intelligent look, isn’t it?
    Looks to me like he is saying “Vote for me! I’m getting all the experience I need running a human household. and they think they are the ones running the show?! Haa.
    Love the little eggs.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  11. Tippy definately is british!!! I have no idea what he is saying, if it were Ike I would have some good idea, Tippy I am at a loss. The eggs are adorable!!

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