There are Girls in Kodiak!

Pulling the anchor on a Fast-Topic-Changing-Friday.

First up, I’ll get the title of this post explained. I’m a fan of the Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch, a show about crab fishing off the coast of Alaska. I like it because I grew up around that stuff in Kodiak. As dangerous and crazy as crab fishing is, the whole thing is very familiar to me. And every now and then I’ll see someone who I’m pretty sure I remember.

There is a new captain on the show, named Big Daddy, who is from Kodiak.

img_7801.JPG Here the captains are sitting around talking about why the crews always want weekends off when they’re docked in Kodiak. “There are girls in Kodiak!” Ha! I think I blew coffee out my nose when I heard that.

Well, I’m not there anymore, so there is one less girl in Kodiak…

molly.JPG …but I suppose I’ve been replaced. My niece, Molly Renee, almost two years old.

I’m sure she’ll have a future of making crab fishermen want to stay ashore in 20 years or so. Currently, she’s too busy smearing yogurt everywhere.


22.JPG A plug for my friend Stephanie’s online store. She is dyeing up a merino JUST LIKE Malabrigo lace weight.

Since Malabrigo is almost impossible to get, and everyone wants to make a Featherweight Cardi, this can be considered a public service announcement.


6.JPG I had the idea to get Tippy to pose for a photo with this little knit dog on his head. It is a Pile-able Pup, after all.
1.JPG He had other ideas for what to do with the little dog.

His ideas included disembowelment.


img_7797.JPG Do I have the world’s laziest Basenjis? It usually looks like I’m running an opium den.

Have a great weekend!

6 comments on “There are Girls in Kodiak!

  1. OMG I’d be sooo pritective of that adorable little girl. So happy to see you posting on your blog again. I’ve missed it!

  2. Good thing you’re not in Kodiak anymore!
    Molly Renee is two years old, why I remember when she wasn’t even born yet!
    Opium den – I almost snorted coffee out of _my_ nose! !

    the pipe is very cute and I’m going to check out your yarn supplier!

  3. I saw your post on Brat Chat and decided to check out your website. Did your Abe come from Texas about 2 years ago? I think I have his brother Buster. I hope things with Tippy look up soon. Thanks for a good read. -Tara

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