Drowning in a Whiskey River*

*I just had to use some lyrics from the song “Whiskey River” for the title, even though I don’t know the song.

Sunday was a big day around here…Whiskey, the foster puppy, went off to his new home.

Whiskey’s rescue, foster, and adoption were all coordinated through Basenji Rescue. After getting to know him a bit, I wrote his bio, which was posted on the website for potential adopters to see.

Anyone who is interested in adopting from Basenji Rescue fills out an adoption form, then receives a home visit from a Basenji Rescue volunteer.

While reviewing the adoption forms, I was particularly interested in finding a family that already had another dog (Whiskey has never been left on his own, and he gets lonely easily), and had the time and dedication to put toward loving and training this little guy.

That’s how I found Todd and Laurie. On Sunday, they spent all day driving to Austin to pick up their new puppy. (See there? Dedication.)

Bonus! Todd and Laurie are photographers, and they’ve promised to keep me updated with emails and photos as Whiskey grows up. Here is Whiskey with his new sister, Zea. Zea was adopted through Basenji Rescue last year.
photo by Todd

So far, they’re making good on their promise, and I get to see sweet photos like this.
photo by Todd

More than with any other foster, I was asked this question, “How do you do it?” I suppose it’s because everyone in the world knows how easy it is to get attached to a puppy, and people wonder how I was able to keep him for three weeks, then hand him off to someone else.

There are two things that help. I received some good advice several months ago from another Rescue volunteer. She told me to always remember that the dog is a foster. Even though they live in your home and you love them as one of your own, remember that they are not yours. Surprisingly, this really helps.

The other thing that makes me able to foster is this – four dogs is really too many for me. As long as the foster is the fourth dog in the house, I am somewhat overwhelmed. Giving the foster to his new family ends up being a bit of a relief. Of course I miss the dog, but I remind myself how nice it is to have time to shave my legs and do laundry.

Whiskey has an exciting future ahead of him. I am lucky to have been a part of his life, and I’m going to love watching him grow up. Congratulations, Todd and Laurie!

6 comments on “Drowning in a Whiskey River*

  1. Another great job Staci. I always keep in mind that if I keep them all I wouldn’t be able to foster again. That helps too.

  2. Whiskey is darling! So glad he found a nice new home, and the photos are great. Deedle is a BRAT dog, and I have nothing but loads of respect for that organization.

  3. Great job, Staci! He is such a doll and I’m sure he will do well in his new home! You are right 4 dogs is too much. Sometimes I wonder how we keep three beagles!

  4. You are my hero S t a c i.
    I am drowning in a whiskey river
    Bathing my memory’s mind in the wetness of its soul
    Feeling the amber current flowing from my mind
    And warm an empty heart you left so cold.

    Well in this case you warmed every heart!
    You are terrific S t a c i!

  5. Well I agree with everyone’s comments – you are a saint, and an amazing person to be able to take care of these animals and still have an exciting career as well – congratulations for having it ‘all’. I too am a long time admirer and often wonder how you do it all.

  6. I just found your sock knitting video on u tube. Thanks for that, I’m just learning and it was so helpful! Now I go to your web site and find that you are a dog rescuer. That’s awesome! I’ve been fostering for 7 years. I volunteer with Small Dog rescue in Atlanta Ga. (smalldoghumane.org) I’m so glad I found you! Not only a knitting class for sock knitting (something I always wanted to do), but a rescue buddy as well. Wonderful job with Whiskey. It’s hard to let go sometimes, but I also love it when the adoptors send pics. So glad I found you!!

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