Two posts in one day. Ca-razy!

Anyway, just a note to let you know that I fixed the comments. I didn’t realize there was anything wrong (other than the fact that you folks strangely stopped leaving comments) until I was told that leaving a comment required logging in. Boo! It must have happened when I updated WordPress months ago, but I didn’t notice.

But now it’s fixed! So now you can discuss how bad my dogs are in the video below.

S t a c i

6 comments on “Fixed

  1. Comments working now–thanks! I wanted to tell you, “live & learn!” But they are adorable, but maybe not at midnight!

  2. Love it–I have 3 dachshunds and one of them acts like that all the time. Love the little sounds they were making!

  3. Staci, i am new to knitting socks, and I really liked your yoga socks so i purchased the pattern. All looks pretty easy to do except when I get to the “no heel” part, it says that i need to do a backwards loop method. I have no ideal what that is, can you please explain, or is there a video technique that shows how to do this??

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