But They’re So Goooood!

I often teach knitting classes here at my home. On class nights I always put the dogs in my bedroom behind a baby gate and give them delicious new chew toys to keep them entertained.

During these classes, it never fails that one knitter will say, “Aww! Let them out! They’re such good dogs.” Then it also never fails that everyone else chimes in, and the dogs stand there at the baby gate with their best sad faces on. Sometimes I’ll let Ike out, but Tippy and Abe are not allowed loose around that much yarn.

After last night’s class I let the dogs out of my bedroom, and began picking up wine glasses and putting away the cookies and chocolates. (My knitting classes are AWESOME.) I turned my back on Tippy, to see he had started his own fiber project.

This is why he has to stay in lockup.

And the guilty little monster, apparently not feeling guilty at all. I’d say that was a look of pride, even.

You’ll see that I have a nice cup of coffee to keep me going while I try to make sense of this mess. Ah, Tippy.

8 comments on “But They’re So Goooood!

  1. Naw-he looks innocent to me. He would NEVER do such a thing. He thinks its all in your head Staci-you did it-never one of those sweet pups. 🙂

  2. Hah! Pona learned well from The Master. We finally had to give up and throw out the half-eaten dog bed he’d been working on for weeks. And remember that patch in our carpet? You should see it now. It looks like Kid of Kid ‘n Play got really old and then was buried up to his neck in our floor.

  3. atleast it wasnt a wip. i was working on a washclothe with an apple knitted into it and my dog chewed it up. wasnt a surprise though. he eats underwear.

  4. Aww man, I’ve been there! Not a fun job. What takes them like 5 minutes takes us 2 hours!

    You do have awesome knitting classes! I wish I didn’t live in another country! How great are you?

  5. Oh no! I don’t want to see that. It’s been years since Kona messed with any yarn. He even leaves the mohair alone these days. But I know my worry free time is just about up. We’re getting a new puppy this winter. Please pray for me and my stash.

  6. Tippy’s got a far away look in his eyes. Perhaps he’s planning his next project? Maybe he’s thinking that a few skeins of fall colors would perk up things up and relieve the late summer doldrums?

    I have a couple of skeins that need unraveling courtesy of two cats. They’re not artists like Tippy. They’re just bad cats.

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