Bickford Seam

The Bickford Seam is an alternative to the mattress stitch, not quite as sturdy as the mattress stitch, but it leaves no ridge on the inside of the work.

This video is sponsored by Eucalan, the wool soap I trust for all of my knits – I’ve used this fiber wash for years! Eucalan is available at many retailers, you can learn more and purchase at their website here.

In the video, I say that the yarn I’m using for demonstration is worsted weight, but it’s actually Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Bulky.

One comment on “Bickford Seam

  1. Ha! I am self-taught and always sewed my seams this way until your video taught me mattress stitch. It explains why my sweaters always had to be re-seamed!

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