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  1. Hi you have taught me this beloved way to knit and I feel so lucky, however when I go to add a new color I’m stuck is there anyway for you to make a demonstration on this so we can can all see it. Look forward to more demonstrations your friend from over seas Sherri

  2. Have the pattern for an entrelac stole in a mohair. As I was not that enthusiastic about this particular pattern, went to the WEB and found your site. I found your demonstration of this pattern and have since spent several hours watching as you knit this stitch. I now feel comfortable doing this stole. You description along with the knitting is so easy.
    As for the website. I typed in entrelac and after some hits and misses found your site. It is now an icon on my desktop.

  3. Years ago a knitter at one of the LYS showed this to me but she didn’t give it a name .. here’s the funny part, she said she craatetd the stitch (or added stitches) then told me no one else (knitters) used it so if I didn’t ask her how to do it, I was out-of-luck.

    I’m happy to know you know her “trade secret” to share with us.

    You are the best,

  4. Hi, that worked and I can carry on with my knitting! I particularly like the overhead camera shot. I shall bookmark this site. Many thanks Staci.

  5. I have taught myself using your tutorials and am pretty good after a year. Any time I have a pattern with a new technique I always look to you first. Thank you so much if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have learned.

  6. Hello,
    I am trying to make the Lanesboro Vest by Blue Sky Alpacas, on circular needles. I am stuck in the section that says to knit some, then Backward Loop CO some, several times. I don’t know when to turn my work. The pattern notes say: “Vest is worked from the top down, beginning at the neck. Turning the work as necessary, use Backward Loop to cast on stitches for underarm.”
    Any help would be most appreciated! I’m on the verge of tears ;(

  7. Lilly – as I’m not familiar with that pattern, I can’t really help. I suggest contacting Blue Sky Alpacas via Ravelry message, and asking them. Good luck!
    S t a c i

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