Lucky 13

Happy 13th birthday to Ike! Handsome as ever.

I got Ike when he was still a puppy, which means we have a long history together. He has a lot of responsibility here at Verypink Headquarters, as he’s the Alpha Dog and in charge of keeping the other dogs in-line. Unfortunately, he’s the laziest Alpha EVER, and he’s cool with allowing a lot of shenanigans to go on under his watchful eye.

I believe he plans to spend his birthday the same way he has spent the morning so far –

One long nap, with breaks to eat and go for walkies.

Interesting note about Basenjis – because they are primitive dogs, the females only go into heat once a year, all at about the same time. The result is that Basenjis are born in December and January, with few exceptions. Ike’s birthday is one of the last Basenji birthdays of the season.

Happy Birthday to my Munky!

11 comments on “Lucky 13

  1. Way to go, Ike! He’s a very handsome gentleman and, if I may say so, has what appears to be a very kiss-able cheek. I hope Ike is healthy and plays the role of Lazy Alpha for many more years. That bottom pic is too much. Four basenjis all huddled up sleeping = bliss.

  2. Happy Birthday, Ike! Such a wonderful creature. And that picture of I, A, T, and W all curled up brings a tear to my eye. So cozy! Kate would NEVER let another dog drape his snout across her back…

  3. Happy Birthday, Ike!

    I watched a movie last week on Turner Classic Movies entitled Goodbye, My Lady. The title character was a Basenji.I was so excited because I knew what kind of dog she was even before they said it- all because I visit Very Pink frequently! The movie wasn’t really that good, but the dog was wonderful.

  4. The flames on his collar will make him a much faster alpha. Happy Birthday Dwight David! The pile-o-basenji looks very inviting, I want to lay with my head on William Henry Harrison and Zelda needs to fit in somewhere. I have a similar pile at the moment, fewer dogs, but they take up more space. Zelda the Lab/Bas mix, Emma her sister and soul mate Pit Bull and Chuck the Rottweiler. It is a strange phenomenon, but Emma and Zelda always sleep touching each other, but facing opposite directions. Why do they do that?

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