Podcast Episode 74: When I Say “Swatch”, Don’t Think “Watch”

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Casey’s website is kcknits.com.

Our lovely sponsor this week:
Lovepop Greeting Cards, visit lovepop.com/verypink

The gauge ruler in the photo is from Katrinkles Etsy shop.

Other things we talk about in this episode:
German Short Rows (short technique video)
Japanese Short Rows
Sling Heel Socks Tutorial
The “Find Your Needle” video series I made for Knitter’s Pride can be found on their YouTube channel.
The Lykke Driftwood needles we mentioned.
Correcting Gaps in Socks

2 comments on “Podcast Episode 74: When I Say “Swatch”, Don’t Think “Watch”

  1. I think you might look into the thick ankle question more. The all ribbed leg sections are very unslightly when over-stretched. My friend made me a pair with larger needles at the ankle section only to make sure that the cuff was tight enough. Love your podcast and tutorials,

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