Plumo Gradient Scarf

Many thanks to Zen Yarn Garden for sponsoring this free pattern and video tutorial! You can see their Gradient Yarn Sets here. The set I used in my scarf is called Storm Time.
Size: 9 inches wide by 56 inches long (23cm x 142cm)
Needles: Size US 3 (3.25mm), circulars or straight needles, size US 4 (3.5mm) needle for BO
Yarn: Zen Yarn Garden Gradient Yarn Set, one set per scarf
Additional Materials: three ring markers, tapestry needle for weaving ends
Gauge: please see pattern for notes on checking gauge

This pattern is a FREE RAVELRY DOWNLOAD.

The needles I use in the video are Knitter’s Pride Platinas.

My nail polish is by Julep, color “Channon”.

15 comments on “Plumo Gradient Scarf

    • Thank you so much for vidio I have done the fan scarf before but never making stripes without cutting Yarn.
      I have added strip to my other pattern that I was on and it worked perfect.

  1. Hi Staci,
    I see that there are various amounts of yarn on the Zen Garden site, I was looking at the gradient yarns.
    How much yarn does this scarf take?
    Thanks so much, always learning from you. Love the pattern, can’t wait to start!

  2. Hi

    I bought the yarn kit, can’t wait to start this project. I do have a doubt . On the first line of the pattern it says to purl back across, does it means to purl through the back loop?


  3. When it says to knit and yarn over should it not be yarn over and then knit? I was getting 17 stitches not 18 like it was suppose to be when knitting 1 then yarn over? Maybe I was doing something wrong?

    • Tammy – the pattern is correct, and your stitch count never changes. If you want the effect of the feather & fan, you want to work the pattern the way it is written. Just be sure you’re working the last YO in the *k1, yo* repeat.
      S t a c i

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