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  1. I really liked this….
    I have every kind of needle…..I really wished I had bought the set of interchangeables…that would have really been the smart thing to do…oh well!

  2. Thanks Staci for giving the useful info. But I heard that interchangeable needles,stitches get stuck at the point where you change the needles. Is this true? I want to invest in one of the best needles.Please suggest whether it is Addi turbo or Knitpicks interchangeable

  3. Hi Staci! I purchased a set of KNITPICKS Harmony wood needles. Are they a good needle to work with? THANKS again for your videos and information. Your videos have been very helpful to me. THANK YOU!!!!

  4. I like both Addi Clicks and Knit Picks interchangeable needles. The join is smooth on both of them…maybe a bit stickier on the Knit Picks. But I still like and use both of my sets! Some yarns are especially fluffy and will get stuck on almost any needles.

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  5. Robin – Knit Picks needles are GREAT! I have the metal needles, and I’m thinking of investing in the wood interchangeables as well as the wood double points. They are really well made, and I love working with them.

    S t a c i

  6. Hi Staci! I have a question. I have the Kollage Square needles that are actually square instead of round. I’ve not used them yet but was curious if you’d ever used these and what you think of them.

  7. Hi Amy – yes, I have one pair of the Kollage needles, and I’ve used them. I really like the feel of the needles and the tips, but I find the cord to be too sticky. It ends up being a lot of work to slide the stitches around the cord. But my needles are a few years old – maybe they’ve improved on the cord since then.

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  8. Hi Staci~I enjoyed your video and wished that we could have been included. My husband and I make glass circular knitting needles as well as glass straights and dpns. Even if you have tried other glass needles I think that you might really enjoy using ours..we put a lot of time and love into making them. I hope that you will consider us sometimes. We make useable art!
    Thanks for your videos. I recently purchased your t-shirt knit and I’m just about ready to begin..excitedly.

  9. I got my Knit Picks Interexchangeable Needles in about 2 weeks ago, they are GREAT!! I love them and have no problems with them sticking where the needles change out……a great investment!!

  10. I’ve been knitting for about 6-7 months now and I decided initially to go with the nickle plated KP interchangeables. Once I learnt that I’d have to buy different needles for every project I quickly figured out that this was the cheapest way to go. I picked the nickle plated ones because I thought they were pretty!
    Anyway, I’ve been really happy with my decision – except that I had lots and lots of needles ends all over the place. Last month I bought a GREAT interchangeable needle holder on Etsy though, and it has made knitting even more fun, and my needles look so nice and organised. I think if you are going interchangeable some kind of organiser is a must-have (I bought one of these incidentally and it’s awesome: http://www.etsy.com/shop/erinlanebagsandmore?section_id=6535854)

    What do you use for all your many needles?

  11. Hi Staci, I was thinking about one of those sets, so thank you for the advice 🙂 But still, i can’t figure out: the knitpicks one, or the addi one? (the addi has a better size range, I think, but the knitpicks has larger ones that you can buy separately) Since you have both, could you help me?
    Also, do you prefer wood or metal? (you wrote you were going to buy a set of wood ones too-i was wondering why?)
    Thank you! 🙂

  12. Hi Staci!…I am excited about telling you, that I invested in a set of Addi Click Interchangable Needles. I read some reviews on them and it was all good. I am very anxious about trying them out. They are suppose to arrive tomorrow (July 14th). You encouraged me in a way and I would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I remember you mentioning these particular kind in one of your videos. THANKS AGAIN!!

  13. I agree with much of what you said, though my very favorite needles are my size 7 nylon circular needles purchased for $1.19 when I was in college! (Really, I still have the card they were on!) They both slip and hold, unlike anything else.
    Now, the downside of bamboo dp’s: if your delightful, playful, adorable cat finds one and you don’t notice the teeth marks, you get a rough spot! I haven’t tried sanding it out yet, but I think I’ll need another set of size 5 dp’s!

    BTW, great videos!

  14. Hi Stacy!
    Thanks so much for your videos. I have just started knitting again after several years and am learning so much from your videos. I was wondering since my funds are limited what you think of the Knitters Pride dreamz interchangeable needles. They are made of Laminated Birch wood. I’m thinking of getting the starter pack. I’m looking forward to your response.
    Thank you!

  15. Hi! I am new to your website and I am learning ALOT. Originally I was searching for a way to complete a pattern for a Christmas Stocking that was missing a line in photocopying the pattern. Not to mention that I have never knit anything except hats and scarves. Now I am really excited to do more, and by watching your videos I think I can actually fix the pattern and continue the tradition for my family. Thanks so much! Anyway, I haven’t seen the answer to this question- maybe you could direct me to the video that covers it or add one to your collection- Which yarns are good for which projects? There are so many gages and types!!

  16. I, too, use circulars for most everything. I like my KnitPicks interchangeables best because of the cord itself. It is soft and flexible and doesn’t insist on curling. I would love an update from you regarding needle tips. When do I really need “lace” tips? Is there an advantage to a steep or more gradual shaping to the point?
    Your videos are the best! You are my go-to instructor for a new technique or a refresher. Thanks

  17. What do you think of the Denise interchangeable set? I want to use it for magic loop, two at time, circular knitting. Wondering about the joins, where you connect two cables to make one long one. Will I still be able to make the loop if it is joined this way?

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