Proactive Lifelines

No need to be afraid of complicated stitch patterns! Proactive lifelines make it easy to rip back a few rows and recover your stitches if you make a mistake, even in lace knitting.

The stitch used in my knitted sample is called “Pucker Cable” and is from the book Lace & Eyelets, edited by Erika Knight, from Interweave Press.

The yarn I used in my sample is KPC Glencoul DK.

The needles I used in my sample are Knitter’s Pride Zing from an interchangeable set.

One comment on “Proactive Lifelines

  1. Hi Staci, love your videos. I have a variation on the thread through the keyhole method. If I am inserting a really long lifeline I unscrew one needle tip and use a joiner to connect two cables together. Then I thread my lifeline through the keyhole at the connector end of the empty cable. I gently push my work from the original cable to the newly connected one, which threads the lifeline. Then I push the knitting with the inserted lifeline back onto the original cable, unscrew the connector and reconnect the needle tip. This is too fussy for a short lufeline, but if I’ve got 400 stitches around a shawl it’s a lot quicker than the needle and thread method.

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