The Deaf Basenji

I guest blogged today on the Basenji Rescue site about Ike. At 13 years-old, Ike is losing his hearing, but his awesomeness more than makes up for his deafness.

And he’s a handsome devil, to boot.

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  1. I will have to admit I am deaf knitter who LOVES your blog and I can sympathize with Ike. You can teach him signs and he probably can pick up… Dogs are very smart when it comes to signings. I have a friend who had a dog and every time he would display the sign for gun, the dog would drop dead (lay down)… Sign No and the dog knows he can’t have it. I am sure you and Ike can work something out.
    Cute story, though!

  2. Ike really is handsome. what a great picture! The blog post at the rescue made me a bit teary. You must love him (them) so much.

    Sometimes I think animals make much better company than my fellow human animals 😀

    Best to you, Ike, and the gang ;^)

  3. Nice post — I can relate. When Mulligan was about Ike’s age (maybe a little younger) I surmised that he was losing his hearing. He no longer heard the front door open when I came home….and, yet he always knew when I was opening the cheese container door in the fridge. (Little dickens.) Ike is very fortunate to have you! And, yes, he’s a handsome devil.

  4. I can relate to Ike…I am deaf myself and have been a big fan of yours for a long time… actually did a couple of your patterns… love your designs and soo easy to work with too.. 🙂 I also had a deaf dog (Dalmatian) She was a handful, it was supposed to be my dog but my dad kinda sorta kidnapped her and made it his. He spoiled that dog rotten..He would let her sleep in his bed, eat people food (leftovers), anything she wants to do. That dog couldn’t do no wrong in dad’s eyes… he was so upset when we lost her back in 97. He had her cremated and kept her ashes in the back yard because that is where she loved to be. Anyways.. maybe you can develop some kind of hand signs where Ike can understand. That could be a new communication tool for both of you to share. Good luck.. and oh.. I agree with you, he is one hellva cute dog!!!

  5. Will it be much different than before? If I remember correctly, Basenjis are not noted for listening too well anyway. No he simply has an excuse not to come when you call. 🙂


  6. Well 13 is a very good age and Ike is holding onto his looks quite well. Sorry to learn about his hearing problem, the good thing is you always have a couple other dogs in the house, so he’ll be able to rely on them. You always take such good care of all your boys!

  7. I love your blog and the way you teach!!!

    Your dog looks very alert…young face…good looking dog! I hope things work out for you both!! Maybe you will be able to teach an old dog a new trick!


  8. Remember when I used to fold down Ike’s and Gus’ ears to make them really small with only the tips sticking up…and then say “What?!? Can’t hear you?” Guess you don’t need to fold down Ike’s ears anymore…poor guy But at least now he can get some peace and quiet around there! 😉

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