The Air is Different

Yes, the air is different. It has a strange, “not-sweaty” feel to it. I believe we have survived another Texas summer.

The dogs feel it, too. This is their favorite morning sunning spot, but it’s too hot in the summer. They collectively decided that today was the Grand Re-Opening of the Futon.

Tippy looks very dramatic here.

And here’s a very lumpy and bumpy shot of my current project –

This is a new design for a men’s sweater that will soon become a pattern + video tutorial. Keep the requests for videos coming! Now that the weather is cooling, we can get back to a regular shooting schedule.

20 comments on “The Air is Different

  1. Love your tutorials.. and thank you so much for taking the time to develop them. Have learned so much from you. Toe up socks at the moment!!!
    Keep it up, please!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I’ve learned so much from your videos. You have a wonderful way of explaining things and I like your sense of humor. Could you do one on entrelac?

  3. I agree with Pammie. I have learned so much from you.
    Is the live video class on entrelac going to have a cost or for free?
    Thanks, I am going to do knitting for one of my 4-H projects this coming year.

  4. Staci,
    I totally agree with has been stated. I also have learned A TON from your pattern/video series. Thanks for taking the time and effort to put those together. My suggestion for a tutorial would be an adult size cardigan that has a zipper and also a hood. Thanks!

  5. I love the sample above! Looks like something I would love to knit and wear myself!

    Keep up the great work and videos! You are a very talented women!!


  6. Staci, You are developing a men’s sweater? AWESOME.. I have been wanting to make a sweater for myself…. PERFECT TIMING… lol.!! Thanks you are my knitting angel!!!

  7. Staci,
    There is nothing as beautiful as the face of happy dogs. I love the ears of the Basenji and of course the tail is of equal elegance. I feel the same way about having survived another summer living here in the Central Valley of California. Happy cooler days are here again. You are definitely right it is in the air, especially the night air which has a slight nip to it that is so welcome. Our weather doesn’t really change until after Halloween. Looking forward to another project. This has been a good summer for me because of you and your great website. I have learned so much. Thanks again,

  8. It’s absolutely a pleasure watching your video tutorials and you make it all easy to understand. Thanks for all your efforts. I have been wanting to make a sweater for myself but it seems a daunting project when all I’ve been doing lately [& very sporadically] have been socks – which I learned guess where?! Glad the weather is cooler for ya’ll. ~Thanks again, Terri

  9. Like most of the comments listed above, I have to agree with them about you being an excellent instructor, showing how to do knitting on video and giving tutorials. You have built my confidence in knitting some stuff that I would have never done without your fabulous tutorial or videos. I have come a long way, baby!! What I would like is see some more of those women or children sweater knitting… Maybe with intarsia? I don’t care but I love when you come up with something new and I DEFINITELY appreciate you captioning the video for me to understand. YOU ROCK!!

  10. Hi Staci

    Your tutorials are the best, love them, and a big thank you.

    Please could you do a tutorial/video on knitting a lace cardigan – showing how to decrease lace in pattern – with buttons, so showing how to do button holes/spacing of buttons. It does not have to be all lace,bottom plain/top lace? but just enough to show how to do it!!! This would be fantastic!

    Cannot wait for your mens sweater video, am going to be doing this one for husband…. A big thanks for all your tutorials Ginny x

  11. Staci, I’m so excited about the men’s sweater tutorial! Do you have a sense of when it will be available?
    Thanks so much for all you do for us knitters!

  12. Found your site via Pinterest and love your tutorials- and of course had to bookmark your blog because I love Basenjis…

  13. Aloha Staci,

    I am a beginner to knitting, but I have learned so much watching your videos. Your videos are so clear and easy to understanding. Big Mahalo!

  14. Staci,

    Your knitting videos are the best. You have helped
    me so much when I’m stuck on a stitch/procedure.

    PS – your dogs are adorable.

  15. Hi Stacy,

    Sooooooooooo excited for your new video. I learned to knit from your videos a year ago when i was 8 and already i am a flicker when i am just 9. My dad told me to knit hom a mens vest so could you make a video and pattern for that. Thank you so much.

    Love Zahra

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