Crochet for Knitters – Scalloped Edge

One of my favorite ways to work crochet into your knitting is with crocheted edgings. Here I show you how to work a simple scalloped edge.

Crochet instructions for the scalloped edge:
Single crochet into 1 stitch, *skip 2 stitches, 5 double crochets into next stitch, skip next 2 stitches, single crochet into next stitch, repeat from *. End by working a slip stitch into first single crochet. Note — at the corners of a square, work your count so that you work the double crochet stitches in the corner. I found that working 8 single crochets (instead of 5) made a nice corner.

Knitting instructions for the long moss stitch:
CO an even number of stitches.
Row 1 (WS): *K1, P1*, repeat to end of row
Row 2: *P1, K1*, repeat to end of row
Row 3: *P1, K1*, repeat to end of row
Row 4: *K1, P1*, repeat to end of row
Row 5: *K1, P1*, repeat to end of row
Repeat Rows 2-5 to desired length. BO in pattern on RS of work.

Info on things you’ll see in this video:

The yarn I used in the blue sample is Berroco Vintage.

The yarn I used in the bulky sample where I’m demonstrating the stitch is Berroco Peruvia Quick.

The scarf I’m wearing is the Clapotis.
Knit with Noro Silk Garden in colorway #87.

The scarf on the mannequin is Cozy.
Knit in Lana Grossa Cool Wool Merino.

The red nail polish I’m wearing is OPI, in color Chick Flick Cherry. The polish on my sparkly accent nail is OPI, in color The Living Daylights.

7 comments on “Crochet for Knitters – Scalloped Edge

  1. I have just discovered your wonderful site and have already learned so many great knitting techniques. Your videos and instruction are the absolute best out there. Kudos to you! Now I am inspired to learn crochet and I think I can do it with your instructions. Thank you so much for excellent work.

  2. My mother used to make bedspreads with tiny needles and tiny thread in intricatly designed filet crochet. I’m a knitter and living proof that the crochet gene is not inherited. But, Staci, if anyone can teach me to do more than single and double crochet, my money’s on you. Got this one, on to the next tutorial. THANKS

  3. Hi Very Pink,
    I hope you can help me with my pattern. It is confusing to me.
    Using #9 knitting needles Cast on 204 sts
    Row 1: Slip 1, knit to end of row
    Row 2: Slip 1, purl to end of row
    Repeat the 1st and 2nd rows twice. Next is what I don’t understand
    Row 7: Slip 1, knit 1, *carry the wool down the back of the work,
    round and up the front of the work passing the wool between the
    points of the needles, wind the wool tightly round the work 3 times
    more in this manner to form scallops, knit 10, *repeat from *to* to
    the last 2 sts., scallop, knit 2.
    Row 8:Slip 1, purl to the last stitch, knit 1.

    I just found your site and I thought you might be able to help me make this dickey. I understand everything else except how to make the scallops. For instance, if you just knitted one wouldn’t your yarn already be in the back of the work? This is a very old pattern.


  4. I tried the scalloped edging on a small afghan, but found that the edging did not lie flat – the rippling was very obvious I checked that both yarns were worsted weight, both acrylic by the same company (Lion Brand’s Vanna’s Choice) and used a G hook with size 6 needles. The knitting is moss stitch. Would you suggest a different crochet edging, picking up and knitting a border, or otherwise adjusting – hook size or number of skipped stitches? A friend suggested slip stitching all around before starting the edging to make it less floppy. This is a holiday gift for a three year old and I’d love to get it done in time. Thanks for any suggestions.

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