Ravelry Tips – Stashed Yarns

Looking for ideas on some yarn you have stashed? Or want to browse other people’s stashed yarns – maybe to locate some yarn you need to finish a project? In this video I demonstrate how to navigate Ravelry in relation to stashed yarns. To follow this video and see the screen clearly, I recommend expanding the video player to a large size.

If you don’t yet have a free Ravelry account, you should get one!

Information about things you’ll see in this video:
The beautiful Alpha B yarn I use as an example can be found at Knit Purl.

The cowl I’m wearing is my Sixes and Threes cowl, pattern + video tutorial.

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The computer I’m using is my producer’s, the brand is Qosmio. He uses this computer for video editing, more info here.

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  1. Thanks Staci for this helpful info re Ravelry. What I don’t get about people posting their stash of yarns – so many are “not for sale.” What is the point of that I ask myself. It’s like I’m not going to bother asking them for yarn when they specifically say it’s not for sale. Thanks Staci.

  2. Finola – people post their stashed yarns (that are not for sale) to keep a personal inventory of their yarns. Not only is it good to keep an inventory, but an online inventory means that they can pull up their stash on their mobile device when they’re at the yarn shop – and they can see what they have at home while making decisions on what to buy.

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  3. Finola, I put my stash on Ravelry so that I can keep track of what I have. If I’m at a shop & see a yarn I like, I can check “my stash” ( using my smartphone) and see if I might already have that colorway, etc. I can also add in the “notes” section information about which pattern I intend that yarn to be used. Also, I have read on different threads that it isn’t “polite” to ask someone to sell yarn that they have marked as “not for sale”. I personally don’t mind, but apparently some people do. A knitter who only buys yarn as they need it, I can see why they might not find use for the Stash Page.

    Thank you Staci for the videos concerning Ravelry. There are so many ways to use the search field, I’m sure I’ll learn something new.

  4. I know that one day I will need to ask someone about how a particular ‘stashed’ yarn behaves. It is a built-in yarn review/resource.

  5. I am thrilled you are doing a series on using Ravelry. I am a member and search and buy/use the lovely patterns but I don’t really make full use of the site. I just have never taken the time to learn. I look forward to more videos. Thanks Staci!!!

  6. Great idea for a series of videos! One of my main searches is to find patterns for yarns I bought with a purpose in mind but can no longer remember that purpose. I can type in the yarn, how much (in feet) I have and see patterns that use this yarn in the amounts I need. You can even just put in wool sport weight and it gives you a whole list of options to narrow your search from. I now print the pattern and put it with my yarn so I don’t forget why I bought it.

    My only fail is I have 10 skeins (1370 yards) of Knit Picks Bare Peruvian Highland Wool Bulky. Nothing comes up for this fiber, weight & yardage except a blanket and I would NEVER take on a knitting project that large. LOL!

  7. Hi Staci,

    Thank you for sharing with us how to use Ravelry more efficiently. I did do the search for my yarn but there was nothing but a finished project 🙁 Is there a place to add wanted yarns so others can be on the lookout? I’m looking for Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca Aire Red #5013.

    Thanks again for all you do.

  8. Barbara – I don’t believe there is a place on Ravelry to post a “yarn wanted ad”, although it seems like it could be useful in your situation.

    S t a c i

  9. Finally got in kinda through the back door. Anyway, I really love this today. Have stash from friend and this will help SO MUCH. Thanks. Jo Ann

  10. Ha! Wouldn’t you know that as soon as I posted about my bulky wool yarn, I figured out why I bought it! It was for your Three Rectangles, Two Triangles pattern. I must have gotten so distracted by buying the yarn that I forgot to purchase the pattern. Now that is done and I can rest easy and start planning to make this beautiful jacket.

  11. This is a great idea for a video. I looked at Ravelry because I wanted a sock pattern but had no idea how to use the rest of the features. There’s so much more in there than I ever dreamed. I’m looking forward to your next video in this series.

    Thank you!

    ps. I’m pretty new to knitting but I learned from your videos. I’m forever grateful!

  12. In answer to Barbara’s question. There are forums where you can list what you are looking for or need. If you go to the Groups tab and enter ISO (short for in search of) in the search box. It will bring up a number of groups where you can list your ISO yarn. Just make sure you read about the group before listing because some groups have specific rules about how or what you can request. The other group you could search for is Destash. This is where people list what they want to sell. Hope this helps.

  13. That video was very helpful. Thank you, Staci. I’m wondering if there is anywhere that would reference gauges of different yarns. I have a pattern I would like to knit but I can’t obtain the specified wool and would like to use a substitute yarn with the same gauge.

  14. Staci am making my first sweater. As was wondering when I should add my new ball of yarn after I run out of the one I am working on now. Should it be in the middle of the work or only at the ends no one ever explained it to me so any help would be appreciated thank you joy prewitt

  15. Joy – your best bet is to add it at the end of a row (for flat knitting), or at a side of the sweater (for in-the-round knitting), or in a place where increases/decreases are happening so that any tension issues from the new ball of yarn won’t show. Changing to a new ball of yarn in the middle of the sweater is not recommended.

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  16. Staci, I am wondering if you could do a video on the care and washing of knit wool socks. I made some for my sister and I am not sure how to hand wash and block them. One pair is super-wash wool the other is not. I looked on youtube but couldn’t find anything that would help. I just have no experience with wool.

  17. Amanda – you’ll want to follow the instructions on the yarn label for washing. Most superwash socks can be machine washed in cold water, then set out flat to dry.

    S t a c i

  18. I just looked at your Pinterest board showing Knits As Seen In Movies and TV.
    For several years, I have been searching for details of the cardigan worn by Ann Bancroft in The Turning Point. If you find it, I hope you will pin it.

  19. Hi Staci, Thank you for your Ravelry video. I am just starting to use Ravelry and I need tips on how to use it so your video is very timely for me.
    My question is: If I no longer know the name of the yarn, is there anyway of finding out if it is available anywhere? The yarn store I bought it from has closed. Also it has been about 3 years since I bought it. Thank you in advance. I love your site and videos. Mary

  20. Hi Staci,

    Great video as always! I would like to suggest a video demonstrating how to alternate skeins, specifically with hand-dyed yarns. That would be awesome. Thank you for all you do 🙂

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