Delicate Brambles


I designed this little scarf to be both a pretty and quick pattern as well as a good introduction to lace knitting. Experienced lace knitters will find it a simple pattern to follow, and new lace knitters can use this project as a good introduction to more complicated lace.

This pattern includes links to a four-part video tutorial (video below). This scarf is appropriate for knitters who have at least “advanced beginner” skills, meaning you’re comfortable with the basic stitches, as well as simple pattern reading.

This pattern is a FREE Ravelry download.

Important note on the yarn – the Colinton Yarn I used in my scarf is currently only available in a few limited colors here. Any lace weight yarn that is predominantly animal fibers (wool, alpaca, cashmere, etc.) can be used as a substitute, 225 yards required.

Finished Size:
6” wide by 38” long (15cm by 97cm)
Needles: Size US 4 (3.5mm) 24” circular needle and size 2 US (2.75mm) needles straights or circulars
Yarn: 1 hank of Colinton Australia Lace (100% kid mohair, 50 grams, 225 yards)
Additional Materials: tapestry needle for weaving ends
Gauge: 8.5 stitches per inch in Lace Pattern stitch.

The color of Colinton Lace I used for my scarf is Amethyst.

Information on things you’ll see in this video:
Some brands of lace knitting needles that I recommend are:
Knitter’s Pride Platina
Addi Lace
Signature Needle Arts

The yarn I used for demonstration is Berocco Ultra Alpaca.

The needles I used for demonstration are Knitter’s Pride Bamboo.

My silver ring is actually a knitting needle gauge, and can be found here.

The nail polish I’m wearing is by Julep, and isn’t actually a color, but I like the way it looks. It’s a nail treatment, called Oxygen Nail Treatment. It seems to help my nails grow, and prevents chipping and peeling.

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  1. Hi Staci – I live in South Africa so is there any way I can get this pattern without buying the yarn you mention? Buying yarn from overseas makes garments like this very expensive for us SA knitters to make! We have beautiful local lace yarns so is there any chance you could offer this pattern to purchase? with love and thanks, xxx

  2. The purchase through the Louet website doesn’t work. It wants to charge you shipping on the pattern. I chose delivery to a local store (free shipping) and then when I apply the coupon code, it adds the pattern free, but then adds $18.90 shipping. It doesn’t give me the option to ship to the store for free. The only choice is that $18.90 shipping. It’s unfortunate because I was looking forward to the yarn and pattern.

  3. OMG – what a beautiful scarf! I just purchased two skeins (one purple and one red). This will be my first attempt at knitting a lace pattern. After watching your video I know I will be fine. You explain things so clearly! I can’t wait to receive my yarn and the pattern in the mail!

  4. What a pretty scarf!!! Would you say that lace-tips are an absolute necessity, or can I get by on my regular Addi Clicks?

  5. Bethany – if you already have regular Addis (non-lace) you should definitely try them before you invest in lace needles. You might like them just fine, they’re fairly pointy needles.

    S t a c i

  6. Will this pattern be available on Ravelry at some point? I have tons of lace yarn in my stash and would love to make it.

  7. Staci, I’m one of those people who has run lifelines using the keyhole of the interchangeable needles with dental floss when knitting lace, and it is extremely easy to do that way. It’s impossible to inadvertently split a stitch when you pick up the stitches. You should give it a try.

    Also, as you have changed your mind about knitting with mohair, you might want to experiment with knitting with it along with another type of yarn. It has the ability to create a really lovely, more substantial, unique fabric when knit with, for example, a merino yarn.

    Thanks again for a lovely pattern!

  8. Hi Staci,
    Great scarf pattern. Is it possible to purchase the pattern without buying yarn?

  9. Hi Staci,
    While I’m waiting for the beautiful Colinton lace and your pattern to arrive from Louet’s (natural & mallard), I decided to try practicing the bramble stitch as demonstrated in your video. I’m using Debbie Bliss “Angel” (76% kid mohair, 24% silk) (color 15017), 1 strand and Clover’s Takumi bamboo circular needles (size US 2 – 2.75mm). I can do a knit stitch row without problems, and the kfb is okay too; but I find I’m really struggling to be able to slide the needle under all 3 stitches to pearl 3 together. I can get the needle under 1 stitch to pearl just fine, but any number of stitches more than that is really hard. What could I be doing wrong? It looked “easy” the way you do it in your video. Your samples look so lovely.

  10. Hi Laurie – good job practicing! I always encourage trying out a new stitch before you start the project. I talk in the video about lace needles, and I give some links for lace needle brands that I know are good. While lace needles aren’t essential, they do make lace stitches (especially ones like p3tog) easier to work. Lace needles are pointy, which makes it easier to get the needle into decreases like that; and they have a long taper. The long taper allows you to work complicated stitches on the taper, which is thinner than the rest of the needle, which also easier.

    That’s my advice. Like I said, lace needles aren’t essential, but they are helpful.
    S t a c i

  11. Whenever I’m switching from a knit to a purl, there is a gap in my work, the yarn is in front of my work when I purl so I don’t know what’s going on??

  12. While this is a beautiful scarf pattern and excellent tutorial, the purchasing process to obtain the material and pattern is not so pleasant. I found the Louet website difficult to navigate and received error messages to contact the website administrator on numerous occasions. I concur with Candace patz’s comments from April 15, 2015. Any recommendations on how to make the purchasing process from Louet easier?

  13. Follow-up on my previous comments from earlier today. I telephoned Louet and spoke with “Tammy”, who assisted me with placing my order, and a few other problems I was encountering with the website. Now my Colinton yarn and free pattern are on their way. The customer service after the purchase was especially good. Tammy called me to confirm that my order had been received and was being processed. A rocky start ended up with a smooth finish – Thank you Tammy.

  14. I am wondering if you still have the video for making an Entrelac scarf.
    A group of knitters are trying to make this, and it would be really helpful to see your video.
    I love your website, and will make it one of my favorites.
    Many thanks

  15. Great scarf, will be perfect for my tiny mother who gets lost in the longer scarves. Also excited to see you wearing the needle gauge ring!!! Just a little jealous. Lol.

  16. Hi Staci, I love the scarf and the stitch pattern. I have gotten my yarn and was watching the video, to see how’s it done before I start on the scarf. The links that are printed on the pattern says it’s not available. I was going to knit along with you to be sure I was doing it right. The stitch pattern looks simple, but my concern is the gauge. Can you help me with this. I sure would appreciate it. Keep up the good work
    Thank you Staci,

  17. Hi Staci,

    I have started knitting this beautiful scarf, but I find myself accidentally increasing or decreasing in some of the rows. I only realise the mistake when I finish a row, count the stiches and the total is 1 less or 1 one more. Is it OK to fix it in the next rows by adjustments like P2tog instead of P3tog for example or would these kind of adjustments affect the overall look of the scarf?



  18. Aliki – the lace is an exact stitch…if you know you’ve made a mistake, you’ll need to look at it. If you can see a break in the pattern, you might want to rip back.

    S t a c i

  19. Hi Staci–
    I am really trying here, but have only succeeded in inventing new swear words. That p3tog is not easy, even with lace needles. Would the result be drastically different if I k3tog instead? OR would larger needles make it a bit easier? I love this scarf and need to possess it, but it’s tauntint me right now. Thanks for any advice!

  20. Bethany – I haven’t tried it with k3tog, but I’m sure you’ll still see a pretty lace pattern. If it helps you enjoy the knitting more, it’s worth a try!
    S t a c i

  21. Hi Stacy, Regarding the Delicate Brambles Scarf. I would like to purchase the same shade you used but there is evidently more than one amethyst. Do you have more details as to which amethyst you used for this project? Looking at the colors on-line, some seem lighter and brighter which isn’t what I’m looking for. Some are more solid in color. Yours has different tones of amethyst but isn’t variegated. Also, it is deep and rich in color which is what I like. I want to take this opportunity to let you know I enjoy you and your tutorials very much. You do a great job! Thank you. Louise

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