Portuguese Knitting Style

Even if you’re perfectly happy with the way you knit, I encourage you to give this video a looksie. Portuguese knitting is kind of mind-blowing, and the resulting stitches are identical to Continental/English/American knitting, which means you can work a row of Portuguese knitting or purling in your current project, if you like.

The needles I’m using for demonstration are Knitter’s Pride Bamboo DPNs.

The pink yarn I’m using is Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Bulky, in color Crush.

The nail polish I’m wearing is by Julep, color “Janie”.

My silver ring is actually a knitting needle gauge, and can be found here.

11 comments on “Portuguese Knitting Style

  1. That was pretty cool. As always, a clear and helpful video to try something new – Thanks Staci 🙂

  2. Great video! Well, I’m portuguese and yes, that’s how I kint. Therefore it’s much easier to control the tension of the yarn and much better to prevent hand injuries. Here’s a funny thing: as purl is much faster in the portuguese knitting, I always knit socks on the reverse side!

  3. I knit English style but I am in love with PK . Your video is so helpful but can you please make more on PK ? Like showing how to PK other sts , like kf&b , ssk, etc. I am working on a cable sweater and would love to try PK while working on it , but I am nervous to try . I have searched online for videos to help on this but there just aren’t any that go beyond just showing us the knit and purl sts.

    • I am so thrilled to hear that ,thank you so much . I’ll be waiting , I really want to feel as comfortable with PK as I am with my English knitting.

  4. I found your site through Knitting Paradise and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed this video. The knitting style looks interesting and I like that it can be used interchangeably with English style. The other aspect I appreciate about the video is your presentation: you speak clearly and without a lot of extra words, you don’t fiddle with the yarn and needles while you’re talking and your manicure is lovely! A very pleasant and useful tutorial that I’ve bookmarked: thank you.

  5. Staci, I tried learning the Portuguese style of knitting a few months ago by watching a DVD and failed miserably. You YouTube was so clear, and slow paced that I got it after just a few tries. You are amazing! Thank you so much.

  6. Staci,
    Your videos are such fun and so useful! I am thrilled to learn about Portuguese knitting! Sometimes my hands become fatigued or achey and having a knitting style that uses different positions will surely help with that.

  7. I’ve been knitting this way for five years and love it. I am a tight knitter, so my hands would ache while knitting. With pk, the tension is in the yarn not the hands.

    I have tried using a knitting pin, but found I like the yarn around the neck. I always have my neck with me and it is always in the same place.

    Andrea Wong runs the PK group on Rav.

  8. STACI,
    THANK YOU!!!!
    A few years ago I requested you try out the Portuguese style & I am glad to see you are excited about it.
    I am one of those for whom this style is my knitting wrist salvation; otherwise, I would have had to give up my new hobby. I figured it out by watching a few foreign online videos over & over & over again. I really enjoy it & with your great tutorials I hope it catches on in a big way.
    Keep up your amazing work.

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