Podcast Episode 8: Not a Heel Flap in Sight

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Information on things we mention in this episode:
Log Cabin Blanket pattern and tutorial
Staci’s Traveler’s Life Afghan
All of my toe-up sock tutorials are without gussets and heel flaps! My sock tutorials can be found here.
Math for Knitters – Substituting yarns
Substituting Yarns (not mathy)
DPN tubes
Knitter’s Pride Find Your Needle video series

2 comments on “Podcast Episode 8: Not a Heel Flap in Sight

  1. I listened to this week’s podcast on my walk tonight and it made me laugh – I’m an experienced knitter who loves top-down socks with heel flaps and gussets (not because of a fit issue – I just love the method!) and I much prefer pointy wooden needles to metal. I knit loosely and wood helps me keep my tension. I probably would knit faster on metal needles, but I think my fabric would suffer. I also always use wooden DPNs for socks, mittens, gloves, etc. I’ve tried metal DPNs and it was a disaster, with stitches slipping around like crazy!

    However — this is why there’s not one “right way” to knit! 😉

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